Beautiful Day: “I’m Good” The Clipse Edition


If you want to see the official video you can go to You Tube and peep the reals.  Of course, negroes aren’t really having that so the bootleg is the song with just the picture of the group above.  Needless to say it is fitting for the day: good food and good vibes.  Do yourself a favor and dance around the room and let the sun shine in.  The Clipse haven’t officially abandoned their usual drug trafficking talk but at least it is just in time for a late summer banger to let you know that they still have juice.  (You may recall the trio of Virginians that are led by Pharrell Williams, and that should be enough to buy their album “Till The Casket Drops.”)  It’s a beautiful day, today.  I hope all of you out there are good.  I just realized that I have one of those dudes from The Clipse’s jacket because Lysa styled some video back in the day.  I know it’s not Skateboard P’s but it might be the dude on the left in this picture.  I tell you if it wasn’t for The Neptunes track, half of the world wouldn’t even know all of The Clipse if they walked up to them on the street.  The video is tight, but you won’t catch their names.  But I digress… Have a great day.


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