Hood Music Is Good Music: Dorrough “Ice Cream Paint Job” Edition

“Yeah buddy, rollin’ like a big shot…”

How much do you want to bet that  these dudes right here are from Dallas.  (Shout outs to Killer!) Actually I think that it is just one dude that goes by the name of Dorrough.  The song is called “Ice Cream Paint Job” and it has a banging beat and features mindless rapping about special, glossy car paint.  He could be looking for space in the game like a Mike Jones (the rapper, not the basketball coach at DeMatha) or maybe trying to be like Nelly.  He did shout out The Lunatics in his song, after all.  This is one of those songs that is really catchy, almost begging you to blast it on the stroll because of its harmless, fun loving nature.  I’m not going to be the one to tell you to get out there and buy this album –whatever it is called, but this song is definitely worth a listen if you enjoy hood rap music from time to time.  I recommend playing this video after you have returned home from church and you’re getting ready to watch a lot of football on a fine Sunday afternoon. (Take yourself to brunch.  Look at the hunnies.)  I especially like how the protagonist, Dorrough, plays himself as a gentleman on the come-up in this video rather than feed into the stereotype of a rapper with instant success.  I also like the girls in his video.  Now I’m not complaining about the “I’m Good” video that I sent you the link to, yesterday, but even the official Clipse video didn’t show enough girls until the very end.  That is definitely not the case with our man Dorrough.  Much like his ghetto, hood hit song he lets you know right away he’s trying to smash in the game hard with a nice array of thick ones on the screen.  Anyway this right here is for the boys that like that bump in the trunk –the kind of music that is perfect for flossing in your fresh ride:



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