Natalie Suliman

I hate to leave you all without a face on such a beautiful day. Isn’t it awesome that the good Lord made dark girls with green eyes?  Okay, maybe Natalie Suliman isn’t that dark, but still, isn’t it great?  Yeah, I feel the same way about gingers and the color purple.  I think I’m getting an idea of how to construct the perfect photo shoot.  I need a 6’2”, redheaded, black girl with green eyes to put on this cute, skimpy, shiny, purple butcher’s outfit for a sandwich shoot with yours truly.  I think that the location would have to be in Mali, but I could make do with Tahiti or even Hawaii.  I’m flexible on the some stuff.  You know what?  Fuck it, I’ll go ahead and do the shoot with Natalie Suliman, right now, for free, in a Vegas wedding ceremony.  Never let it be said that I’m not willing to compromise.  I’m looking out for you.  Seriously Natalie, just call me and let’s iron out these details.  For the photo shoot, or whatever, you know? 


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