Sunday Morning Couch Potato: Cookie Monster Edition

The New York Football Giants go up against the Dallas Cowboys on the road.  Shout outs to Natalie Hopkinson-McGann for making it through another year as of yesterday.  Happy Birthday on that note!  Also shout outs to Thomas and Toy for celebrating a another year of marriage this weekend.  Their actual wedding date is tomorrow, you know like the Earth Wind & Fire song, but we’re including them in on this anyway.  I love the fact that my friends have restored my faith in the American family as a viable entity.  When brothers eventually make the decision to settle it down it is nice to know that they have a decent chance at making it stick, even though the statistics may say otherwise.  I’m all over the place this morning.  Kind of like the cookies all over this young lady and my friends Rudy, Natalie, Tom & Toy celebrating all over the country.  I hope that you are out there having as much fun as the girl appears to be having, and I already know that my clique is getting it in.  Don’t just sit here staring at the picture because I’m pretty sure no cookie crumbs are going to mysteriously move out of the way.  Nam, nam, nam, mmm.  Good. 


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