Kookbox Blog V: Joel Tudor Wins Jiu Jitsu US Nationals 2009

I thought that I told you to look out for my boy?  Well guess who just stepped on to the world stage of mixed martial arts?  Yeah, he did that just this past weekend.

Yeah, this is the part that I tell you that I told you all this shit would happen like three years ago.  It is a story that I couldn’t have written better myself –but quietly, I already did.

This is that part where I tell you that Rani Yahya had it coming to himThis is the part where I tell you that Joel’s favorite submission is the Triangle Choke.  Sometimes I feel like I’m just writing this for myself, because if Rani Yahya had read this…  Well, see for yourself.



You see, that wasn’t that long.  Most of that was Joel Celebrating.

Okay, now that the cat is out of the bag let me go ahead and let the monkey out.  This is the part where I blow your fucking mind and you say “no fucking way!”  Joel Tudor just got an invitation to fight in the ADCC Tournament, also known as Abu Dhabi, also known as buy it on Pay Per View.  Yeah, the best fucking fighters in the world are at this fucking thing and our fearless leader is in the mix because Uriaa Favor broke both of his hands and Joel Tudor picked up an open bid. 

Insane.  Out of control.  Unbelievable.

Now, on another note I have to go ahead and shout out my boys over there at Frank Magazine again for putting me on with another Joel Tudor interview to be released now that the surf issue is out there.  Oh yeah, go get it.  Joel is in that, too. It dropped in September.

Now on that same note, I have to go ahead and say that in addition to that Joel Tudor interview I have yet another Joel Tudor piece about to drop on some exclusive shit.  I love how all of my friends seem to be just blossoming at this point.  If I never win anything in my life, I’ll at least die happy knowing that I was in the company of so many winners.  That’s a blatant shout out to all of my friends.  Ya’ll all hold it down, no bullshit.

Right now, as we speak Joel Tudor is preparing to get on a plane for Barcelona, Spain to fight the weight class of 65.5 kilograms for the submission fighting championship of the mother fucking world –on only one full day’s notice. Now do I need to go into detail about why Joel Tudor is the ballsiest of the the ballsiest dudes that I know?

Kookbox !


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