Goat Riding A Tortoise

You probably haven’t even figured it out yet but I’m the goat in this picture.  I’m not the goat standing in the background either.

I’m spending almost all of my waking moments just trying to do what it is that I do best, in the face of a very easy task. All I have to do is not fall off and I’m a winner. I know that it sounds easy, but truthfully, I’ve fallen off in the past. This time I don’t think that I will fall off though.   

I don’t think that the tortoise will be able to buck off that goat either. A lot of people have been trying to figure out why I’m so happy and all I can do is refer you to the picture. Look at that goat. Doesn’t that goat totally look like he could ride that tortoise all day? I mean even little baby goats have no problems climbing soon after birth. Goats usually don’t fall down, either. That is just how I’m feeling these days.

I might have mentioned that there was a certain type of eagle that was known for pushing mountain goats off of cliffs in order to make a meal out of them, but it is probably a rare occurrence. Also I think that it was a different type of goat than in the picture. Anyway, you should be getting the point now that I’m not the sort of goat that is going to be carried away by some eagle and I am certainly not going to be falling off anytime soon.  And that other goat in the background needs to stay on chill.

This post is a blatant shout out. Peace, I hope that everything is well with you. I’m going to continue to hold it down over here but I’m sending the good vibes your way.


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