Menagerie Pop Off: Schwarzenegger Edition

Did you know that Arnold Schwarzenegger was still the governor of California?  Just checking because that is the only thing that is remotely helping to relate this picture to this post.  The Howard Bison won a football game yesterday folks.  Howard University bested the Georgetown Hoyas on the gridiron in the second annual DC Cup, 14 – 11.  Seriously, straight up, this was a major win for the Bison because we had previously lost nine in a row, going back to last year.

I’m not ready to say that the Bison are going to win another game this year, though.  College football yesterday was awesome.  It was sad to see Penn State go down against Iowa though.  It’s only going to get worse for Head Coach Joe Paterno when The Long Ranger is running the ball for the Hawks.  I guess I really don’t have an affiliation to Penn State Nittany Lions other than the fact that I like Coach Joe Pa’, anyway.  I like how he seems to be just rambling on and on about football all the time because he like 87 years old.

(I like to ramble too.)  We had a great weekend all the way around despite the fact that some of my favorite teams lost.  The New York Football Giants stayed perfect today with a win over Tampa Bay on the road.  Even the New York Jets tried to act like they have some game and beat the Tennessee Titans.  That’s real in the field right there.  My fantasy football team is acting like its about to lose this week though.  Oh well, everything isn’t perfect all the time.  See, I’m not so happy that I don’t feel pain.  I just recover quicker from disappointment, now.

There, I just got over it.  The Washington Redskins lost to the worst football team in the entire league and that put a smile on my face.  Detroit Lions had lost nineteen games in a row dating back to 2007 and the NFC east team went into Motown and lost.  I get to laugh at Redskins fan tomorrow, and for a Giants fan, their failures put an extra pep in my step.  On another note, what is it about teams named after lions recently?  Now that I think about it, big cats all seem to be pretty whack this year.

Yeah, well uhh, that Arnold would have been a good football player too.  You think about the fact that you could come to this country with nothing but a loose command of some action verbs in the English language and bulging biceps and the American people will make you a rich movie star and a powerful politician.  Governor Schwarzenegger is from Austria.  Did you know that when he came to the United States he could be seen lifting weights on Venice Beach next to hardened gangsters?

True story made short: Arnold put the leader of the Crips gang to death as Governor.  Could you imagine spotting someone lifting weights and then years later you are the Governor of the state and your old acquaintance is on death row and you have to sign the execution order?  Wow.  That’s a foreigner coming here and showing the Crips what gangster really meant people.  Arnold went hard on that right there.  I’m mean him and Stanley Williams had pictures together and everything, but if you’ve ever seen the damage that a common thug, street murderer inflicts you will know he had it coming to him.

None of this is news, though.  We’ve been debating the death penalty for years in this country.  I want to go out there on a moral crusade and say that killing is wrong and embrace bunny rabbits and feed them marshmallows while walking through wheat fields.  But then I saw David Patterson, the Governor of the state of New York on Meet the Press this morning and I realized that a man can equivocate out of just about any conceivable position, no matter how unfavorable, except for war and killing.  Who can say that they did not understand the absolute nature of their punishment?

Is weightlifting a sport?  Is bodybuilding?  I just know that they weren’t steroid testing in Austria in the 1960’s and 70’s.  I am not trying to bring up all old stuff and say it is news, but I’m just saying.  Seriously why don’t one of you people out there put me in pictures so I can be the governor?  Okay, I might not have the Mr. Universe body and all that, but if you give me enough money to get to Iceland with a solid film crew just watch me make the magic happen.

Something about the change in venue seems to do wonders for human success.  Maybe I need to take it to Japan in order to get my full pop-off on? 

Folks that come here seem to make it pop-off just fine.


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