Golden Ticket: The Wizard of Poetry Album Contest Edition

Okay so the name of this game is to say something that is going to convince me to mail you this Ghostface Killah album: Ghostdini Wizard of Poetry in the Emerald City.  Of course I’m going to have the review for you on this a little later on today so you’ll have to keep checking for me, but in the meantime you should be writing something in the comments section of this thread explaining why you should be the winner.  Naturally the best answer is getting the album. 

I guess it could be any reason at all but I will say that I’m looking for someone that might not have any other means of obtaining the album.  Maybe you live in Iowa and there are no computers there and you can’t order it on Amazon?  Maybe you don’t have index fingers, thus making it impossible for you to peel the money of your bankroll?  I really don’t know what your excuse is, but here is a venue to put it down.  Your answer could be truthful, funny or just stated to get a laugh.  It really doesn’t matter.

I’ll let you know later today who won.  It is a really good album too, so you might want to pull out all the stops.  Of course shipping and handling of the album is completely free.


2 Responses to “Golden Ticket: The Wizard of Poetry Album Contest Edition”

  1. selah Says:

    I should win because I used all the money I made robbing to get the Only Built 4 Cuban Linx Part 2 album so that I’ll have a fresh soundtrack for the next time I go out robbing people. But now I gotta lay low for a little bit. Plus it’s my 30th birthday in 2 weeks, and I would consider it partially a birthday present based on the circumstances. Also, I guarantee that if it has ass shakable beats I’ll rock it on the streets…

  2. DanKnuckles Says:

    We have a winner!

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