For The Love of Wu Tang: Flying Daggers Video Edition


This has probably got to be really difficult for you out there if you happen to despise Wu-Tang. Once I had to sit in a truck with four other guys and listen to Wu-Tang for 18 hours straight when we drove from Washington DC to the Bayou Classic in New Orleans. (College entailed some crazy ideas.) The trip to and from Louisiana changed me for life, though. I consider that it was baptism by immersion in the Wu-Tang genre and my pastor in that sense was a true master, LaRon “the Chief” Land. He wouldn’t stop playing the GZA’s Liquid Swords tape, and by the end of the trip everyone in Killer’s gray Nissan Pathfinder knew the words to the whole album. (Shout outs to Rudes, Caz, and Tom, too.)  We were all hooked at that point.  1995 was crucial like that, and the Clan was making hits but you had to take the time in order to let it sink in, it seems.

Wu-Tang is not only addicting, it does wonders for the imagination. The 36 hours of Wu-Tang endured during the trip, back and forth, to New Orleans unlocked chambers of mind power.  Niggers aren’t normally accustomed to viewing themselves in terms of Kung-Fu movies, and that is definitely a part of the group’s mystique. Who out there remembers the classic cult movie The Five Deadly Venoms? This was a fantastic film if you are into the genre, and Raekwon brings us all back to Saturday mornings with his Wu-Tang cartoon rendition of the film. I don’t know what genius thought this up, but it speaks directly to what my whole point of this little rant is: Wu-Tang is the freshest brand out there. It takes some bashing over the head, but eventually you’ll figure out what I’m talking about. Nobody in the rap game has ever come close to the marketing machine that is Wu-Tang. That’s my word.


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