Green Music: Ghostdini Wizard of Poetry in Emerald City Edition


We’re at the stage now where you really need to break down and purchase the new Ghostface Killah or we can’t be friends anymore. This record is delicious. No doubt that Ghost has brought you the sexy, just as much as Raekwon brought you the gangster. Don’t get me wrong, there is gangster in Ghostdini Wizard of Poetry in Emerald City, too, but it is a more sexy type of gangster.

Ghostface teamed up with Raheem DeVaughn and some up and a variety of up-and-coming songstresses to give you the male version of hip-hop soul. If Mary J. Blige is the queen of the newly fused genre then I believe that we may have to coronate Ghostface Killah the king. There is not a rapper alive that can compare to what the Wizard of Poetry does –in terms of hardcore sex appeal, with 13 original tracks.

This is how R&B would sound if niggers was in charge. (Again the verb and subject are not agreeing in pluralities or tense which denotes old black man wisdom.) The world is not a nice place, and in case you didn’t understand the teaser of the “Stapleton Sex” video, Ghostface is trying to make some [insert female genitalia here – pun intended]’s wet. From what I hear from the ladies out there he’s doing a pretty good fucking job of it, too.

On “Not Your Average Girl” featuring Shareefa he sets the criteria and the bar is high enough for the dudes to aspire and yet low enough to include just about every type of wisdom body out there. Women will appreciate the fact that Ghostface included some of their considerations despite the raunchy lyrics because the album employs excellent production. On a few songs Ghostface is content to be the guest rapper while he lets the music take over.

The bravery Ghostface displays may be a result of making a play to get more radio airtime, and he just may succeed. The formats of many of the songs on the record seem to lend themselves towards the mainstream when you consider that his curse words will be censored. Strip them of Ghostface’s venom and you are left with straight gems of uplift at best or a stern look at the reality of relationships in the hood, at worst.

“Let’s Stop Playin’” featuring John Legend is probably the most likely candidate to make it to FM stations first. “Goner” featuring Lloyd is just as appealing for the radio, and Ghostface may create a new trend by finally getting a member of the Wu-Tang Clan on a daytime playlist. Every single member of the iconic rap group has long been deemed too edgy or obscurely underground for that distinction in the past, but Ghostface may have already broken the mold.

My favorite living rapper rarely disappoints and his experimentation has yielded some awesome results. You need to buy this album on the strength of his previous work and understand that Ghostface has only been refining his craft. This album is better than most, if only for the fact that hard core, gangster rap and soul R&B seem to be made for each other when Ghost is on his game. All of the Wizard of Poetry songs have redeeming qualities for Ghostface’s rude attitude.

Again, like Raekwon’s recent release, members of the Wu-Tang Clan typically don’t make albums for your children’s ears despite what Old Dirty Bastard used to say. (Wu-Tang is for the children!) They will probably bang “She’s A Killah” in nightclubs and even on fashion runways, though. Don’t sleep on Tony Starks, also known as Ghostface, ya’ll. I won’t be surprised when this Wizard of Poetry isn’t nominated for a Grammy, but I would be surprised if you thought that whichever album of the year was better than either of the two Wu-Tang offerings.

If Raekwon’s latest album was too much of a horror movie for you, then let Wizard of Poetry be the lighter side. The two seem to go together, but I’m giving the nod of optimism to Ghostface. The light that Tony Starks shines is by no means that “Wizard of Oz shit” derided by the Chef. Ghostdini Wizard of Poetry in the Emerald City is a real nigger, convicted felon, with a softer side that you can only see because you stuck around long enough. Congratulations Wu-Tang fans. Sit back with a blunt on the couch with your girl and enjoy this crowning achievement while you play with her box all day.


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