Unlikely Friends: Baby Hippo and Tortoise Edition

The Stags play football tonight against Gonzaga.  I’m going to the game.  I’m going to try and convince other Stags to go to the game too.  I love to see Gonzaga lose, but I would also like to watch it with someone that can enjoy it almost as much as I can.  One of these days I’ll get the courage to take a woman to one of these games, but I’m afraid that she’ll think my love of DeMatha isn’t healthy.

Happy Friday, out there, people!  Today is going to be another good day.  I’m really thankful to be alive and today I am reflecting on all of my unlikely friends.  Have you ever had a friend that previously nobody would have suspected that you two could have gotten along together?  Some of those turn out to be the best kind of friendships.  I’m not saying that DeMatha guys should go out there and become friends with some Gonzaga alumni, because that wouldn’t be cool.

Think outside of the box when you consider making friends.  It gets a little harder as you get older, but I truly believe that this behavior is good for your emotional wellbeing.  I’m looking out for you.  I’m not even supposed to be blogging everyday like that, but you know that I can’t stop now.  There is a lot going on this weekend.  I think that Howard University has their home opener on Saturday.  I don’t know if I’m going to write about any of it though.  I might just take the time to post the scores.


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