Stags Update October 3, 2009

The DeMatha Stags have a fierce rivalry with Gonzaga College High School in every sport in which they play against each other.

Thursday the Purple Eagles gave DeMatha Catholic High School for Boys their first conference loss of the season, 1 – 0, in soccer.  DeMatha still remains in first place heading into the final stretch before the playoffs but it remains to be seen if they will claim the league championship.

Now my thinking heading into Friday was that DeMatha was bound to lose in something this Fall, because before last Saturday that hadn’t even happened yet.  Cory Puffett finally came in second to a kid from North Carolina in a cross country race that was run near Richmond, Virginia but considering the sport that is hardly a loss.

I still knew that there was nothing to worry about though.  Again, it has mainly to do with the fact that high school sports deals in the medium of teenagers, and they are prone to perturbations.  Nobody is perfect and the Stags are no different.  The offensive drought in soccer still didn’t have anything to do with the football team playing Gonzaga on Friday night.

DeMatha showed the Purple Eagles that their offense is clearly the tops in the WCAC.  DeMatha lit up the scoreboard for 48 points and Gonzaga could only muster 17 in their second straight loss in conference competition.  Maverick and Maven kept me company because they had a bye week from their respective pee-wee football team and cheerleading squad.  (Shout outs to the Takoma Park Rams.)  Everything was cool.

I don’t even want to begin to tell you what I would have been thinking if the Stags lost that game in front Maverick & Maven, but I would have had to put on a brave face.  Of course, The Long Ranger almost outscored Gonzaga all by himself with three touchdowns (18 points) and the game wasn’t ever really in doubt, but at least I recognize that the unthinkable could happen.  A lot of credit still has to be given to an offensive line (Shane Johnson) that is the biggest reason why DeMatha has put up an incredible amount of points on everybody this year.  Maven wasn’t really interested in the game but she did check out the cheerleaders’ moves.  She liked the flips.  I explained that our cheerleaders came from Elizabeth Seton, an all girls school. 

Maverick was all about the big plays and listened for the distinctive crowd “Oh’s” in order to determine when to pay attention.  I took him around to meet genius DeMatha Athletic Director, my former Social Studies teacher, Mr. Ed King.  Maverick wanted to know if he could run around the track area in the shadow of Fed Ex Field at Prince Georges Learning Complex and Mr. King said, “I’ll make you a deal: come and play for us and you can run on the field as much as you want!”

With seven touchdowns scored, there was no shortage of excitement in the game.  The defense wasn’t where I would have liked to have seen it, but Gonzaga quarterback Kevin Hogan played well enough, regardless.  Quick passing and deft scrambling kept the Stags’ defense on their toes all night and they weren’t able to manufacture big plays like sacks (Darian Cooper) and interceptions (Jeff Knox) until Gonzaga took big chances late in the game.

Blemishes in the football game included a Daniel Tapscott interception in the first half and a blocked extra point attempt (PAT) after Josh MacPhearson –yes, another one, took a punt return all the way back to the house in the fourth quarter.  (I know that Michael Branthover must have been mad about the blocking during the PAT, point after touchdown.)  Still everything is okay.  DeMatha is looking good on all fronts. 

I have to be happy about this.  It is already bad enough that I’m totally obsessed so no need to need to go totally loony for the Stags before basketball season even starts.

Besides, I need all of my good chi and kharma for the big game against Good Counsel in football October 9.

Go Stags!


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