Happy Friday, October 16

I keep going back into my mind to the Million Man March because today is the anniversary.  I have nothing really profound to say about that, and I was just throwing it out there.  I might not even have the right day.  Today is Friday people.   It isn’t like we have anything of substance to report.  My mind is devoid of all real thought today.  I keep alternating between nostalgia and the mundane.  I remember when we had to wake up so early from the campus of Howard University and we walked all the way to the National Mall.  I don’t know how many years it is later, but I wish that we had a different speaker now.  I wish that they had let me get on the set so I could tell them that I was special and that we should all get out there and start slapping fools.  Okay, maybe that isn’t what I would have wanted to say with one million black men in the audience.  At least it would have been more memorable than what was actually said.  Get out there and make it pop off like you got a pair!


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