Lazy Sunday: Cara Skye Edition


The New York Yankees beat the California Angels in game two of the American League Championship Series early this morning.  The game lasted 13 innings, over five hours of play, and didn’t end until after Saturday Night Live a little past 0100 in the morning.  Still it was an epic baseball game that showed that the Yankees never give up. 

Today, I’m going to concentrate on the New York Football Giants in their game against the New Orleans Saints that will take place this afternoon.  I hope that the Giants win.  My plan is to lay around all day and watch football.  It is rainy on the East Coast and so I haven’t exactly been motivated to go outside and play.  I’m really concentrating on holding it down and sticking close to home bases. 

Oh, it’s officially Homecoming Week for Howard University so I guess I really won’t be staying in as much soon so I need my rest.  Tonight is the Gospel Concert at Crampton Auditorium and the traditional opening ceremony of the week-long celebration of all things Bison.  Gospel concerts are great ways to start out the week.

I’ll keep you posted.


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