Name These Purple, Probably Poisonous Berries

Seriously name the plant, Genus species and common name and win something.  I don’t know what you’re going to win yet, but it is something that can be sent in the mail.  I guess that this contest is somehow related to Howard Homecoming or something, but I don’t really know how.  Maybe I’m going back in my mind to the time that I had Plant Systematics with Dr. Poston, again.  (She’s not even at Howard anymore, sadly, but this is definitely the sort of question that would be on her midterm or final.)  She would just throw down a bunch of plants on the table and you had bring the knowledge.  As hard as her class was, I loved that lady.  She is just a whole bunch of awesome wrapped up in a neat package.  Where do you find a person like that, these days?


4 Responses to “Name These Purple, Probably Poisonous Berries”

  1. selah Says:

    Beautyberry; Callicarpa dichotoma (italicized- I just can\’t figure out how to change the font)…

  2. DanKnuckles Says:

    And we have another winner… Wait, same person, but still a winner! At least I know that I have the same people out there paying attention! LoL. Good find, and good show!

  3. DanKnuckles Says:

    Bonus coverage: the other common name that Beautyberry sometimes goes by it\’s cultivar name, Early Amethyst. Beautyberry was what I was looking for, though.

  4. DanKnuckles Says:

    By the way, you won a Howard University homecoming t-shirt! Congratulations. It\’s going in the mail on Monday.

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