Rhythm of the Thundering Bison

I can hear sweat trickling down your cheek. Your heartbeat sound like Sasquatch feet: thundering, shaking the concrete.”Notorious B.I.G., Who Shot Ya’?

I’m going to separate the weak from the obsolete. It’s hard to creep the Bison’s streets. It’s on, nigga… Fuck all the A&T beef.

[Can you feel the Rhythm? The homecoming theme this year is right on time. Who is more “on it” than black college kids?]

I hate to get all out of order on you but we’re already in medias res in regards to Homecoming week for Howard University. (Hoity-toity Latin is apropos of the occasion.) The Bison are getting all set to take on North Carolina A&T Aggies this Saturday so this might be my last chance to hip you to the game on how it is about to go down. You know how I do during Homecoming. I’m liable to incognito on the internet. Even if I do have a presence in cyberspace it is likely to be straight pictures because I just don’t see myself writing that much.

I wanted to do the whole big homecoming extravaganza like I did last year but it isn’t really going to bubble on that tip this time. I’m not saying that some people won’t have as good of a time as last year, but I am saying that the folks around my era aren’t likely to feel this year nearly as much. For one thing it has become apparent in the scheduling and venue selections that those of us from the nineties have kind of jumped the shark. Instead of being known as the crew that brought you the Masquerade Party at Bobby Vans, this year we’re going to throw the Michael Jackson inspired, “Remember the Time” themed shindig at The Park on Saturday hosted by R&B superstar Brian McKnight. Classic case of great host, with a venue that isn’t as strong as Bobby Van’s, but more on that in a second…

Making it even considerably weaker is the fact that it will also probably rain Friday and Saturday. Needless to say, because of a person that I do not care to mention on my website that happens to own The Park I am not hype on the party. I have to go though because if you have checked the website for “Remember the Time” then you’ll know that my homeboys are all on the flyer as people hosting. I happen to know for a fact that both of my closest friends will not be in attendance despite the fact that one of them is listed, that only serves to further dampen my hype this year. I’m still hype on Howard Homecoming, mind you, just not hype on the nineties crew’s ability to be the talk of the big show this year. Instead, we’re using our combined forces for good in order to honor fallen Bison while raising money for the Tom Joyner Foundation.

You already know how my mans Bryndan is putting it down and it is actually for a good cause, so I would still suggest that you slide through that party. You should also support Zanzibar because my fraternity brother owns it, and it is in South West. Also support The Brookland Cafe because my friend D’Maz is in on that. They’ll all be doing their thing this weekend too, probably making a killing because the Black dollar is making a big comeback on the Howard Homecoming scene this year. With that being said, let me tell you about the crew that is apparently ready to raise the bar for black bourgeoisie partying this year: Black Hollywood. I’m told that this has been in the making for many years but it is finally coming into fruition.

This year a coalition spanning many years associated with all things Hollywood glitz and Howard are putting it down for the ages at the museum / mansion adjacent to the convention center. Of course, being a black and thoroughly bourgeoisie affair, the attire is black tie. They are rolling out what they call a “black carpet” right out to the main thoroughfare of Washington DC, and have already garnered the support of many reputable Hollywood types. I don’t want to get into the whole naming of the names but there are quite a few actors and actresses that are Howard University alumni. I’m not taking pictures though, this year, so you’re just going to have to take my word for it.

If you are in Washington DC and really want to know what the “it” party is this year then you probably need to look no further than all the events associated with the Black Hollywood crew. They are hosting everything from happy hours to mansion bashes. Maybe it is because I’m old and all that, but I’m really down with the whole bourgeoisie balls for homecoming because it allows you to step it up a bit. When we were all in undergrad we would seek out the older parties too, for that very reason, but it also never stopped us from sweating up clubs in jeans. I know that the true undergraduate parties are where it is really at, but because my tastes have changed I can leave it to those experts in the making. There will still be plenty of young, supple college kids that are able to schmooze their way into elite events, anyway.

I certainly never had a problem. Well there it is. I kind of told you a lot of the activities without having to get too far into the nuts and bolts. (I feel like I’ve dropped enough hints for you, there is no need to claim insider status –just bring it.) Before I bolt off to finish cleaning my house in preparation of this massive weekend let me tell you that you don’t have to spend a fortune to have a good time at homecoming. All of the parties that I mentioned so far are going to run gentlemen about $200 per evening, from tickets to drinks. Ladies don’t usually have expect to pay for much if they can get in the venue. If you take advantage of the websites and purchase right now, even that cost can even be reduced. Party planning is of the utmost importance, which is another reason why I’m not willing to put my complete schedule out there on the internets.

Be sure that you get out there and go to all of the free stuff though. Just like every year the Yardfest on Friday is the signature homecoming event aside from the game itself, and it is totally free. Consider yourself lucky if you run into anybody in a sea of Black people jamming to a free concert and mingling on Main Campus from noon until nightfall. If the weather is nice, and this year that isn’t exactly promised, then the Yardfest could be epic.  I suppose it also depends on your perspective and if you actually know the hundreds of people that you are sure to bump into. This year the concert is classic funk, Cameo, and some fresh hip-hop, The Clipse. I have no idea how they are going to tie those two drastically different acts together or who is in between all that, but check it out.

At the very least you can peep all the booths selling food and clothes and whatever black people will buy at such events. If you don’t make it on Friday, the same goes for Saturday, where they will broadcast a live telecast of the football game if you can’t pack into the stadium for the game. We have to play roulette with the chances that there will be better weather for the homecoming parade on Saturday morning, and if not maybe clear up in time for the game? Speaking of the game… well I don’t really want to speak about the game. We lost the game last year, and I don’t have much faith in the team this year. I couldn’t name you one player on the team either. All I know is that the football team is really bad, and that the more you drink during the weekend, the more you won’t even care. I know that the Aggies are awful as well, but I don’t know whether or not Howard is worse. I guess we’re all about to find out.

So if we’re really good friends, you might want to get with me Thursday night. I’m hosting a special “The Bruzz” edition, happy hour, and is probably the last time that Rudy, Tom, and I will all be together before going our separate ways for the weekend. (Rudy is headed to Florida for a family centennial birthday party, and is not having his annual homecoming bash this year. Tom is only staying until Saturday morning because he’s splitting time at his wife’s homecoming at the fake HU, Hampton, the same weekend. Boo!) Friday night, early, I’m going to dedicate some time to my fraternity brothers -like I have choice.  I will arrive back in the general population relatively soon, though. I can’t be out there holding it down for the brotherhood all day like I’m pledging or something. Anyway, meet me at the flagpole on Friday and let’s kick this thing off.


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