Fall Classic Friday Edition


I don’t know if you wanted to check the Howard University fashion scene or not but you could always just click on this link and peep the perspective of the Washington Post.  Let me just say a few words about fashion at Howard University: it’s real.  When the girl in the video said that she never went to classes in sweatpants, she probably wasn’t kidding.  The Bison typically bring their A games when it comes to dressing to the nines.  With that being said, I’m not in college anymore and while it was fun to play dress up during homecoming I think that it is important that you all know that I don’t always dress like that.

This is a picture of me going to work this morning on casual Friday.  Usually when I go to work I wear suits, or at least a jacket and tie, but I’m not nearly as coordinated as I was last weekend.  I think that my Friday outfit last weekend was way out of control.  Did any of you peep the navy blue Ralph Lauren ensemble, game?  (Polo down to the socks, ya’ll.)  There were so many people that weren’t even ready for that.  By the time that Saturday rolled around and I hit them with the velvet, nobody knew what to do with themselves.  These days, now I’m more concerned about the changing of the seasons and the leaves and stuff.  In this picture, I’m grooving to the new Ghostface and thinking far away happy thoughts.

Speaking of happy thoughts, while I was writing last night the New York Yankees actually took me there.  As you already know, I’m thoroughly enthralled with Alicia Keys, and my favorite color is purple, and I happen to love hip-hop music, baseball, and all things New York.  Enter the Shangri-La…


And the Yankees won the second game  of the Baseball World Series, 3 – 1, and Hideki Matsui hit the game winning homerun!  (Shout outs to Japan!)  Needless to say, I’m a very happy man.  I feel great.  Happy Friday, ya’ll.  The Stags play tomorrow, but I have to work.  I don’t know if I’ll be able to write a whole bunch this weekend, but I hope you guys out there understand that I’m with you in spirit.  Hold it down for me until I make it to your city…


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