Saturday Couch Potato: Jessica Marquez Edition

There is a lot going on today.  Today is Halloween.  I also have to work, though, so there isn’t a whole lot that I’m going to be doing.  The Stags play at Archbishop Carroll this afternoon, but I can’t go to the game.  I’m sure that there are parties out there and all that, too.  I’m not going to any of them though.  My plan is to continue to hold it down and dream about far away places.  I’m really appreciating how Jessica Marquez is getting me in the right frame of mind.  The sparkly shoes are just awesome too.  Gosh, I have serious problems.  So far, nobody has been able to help me.  I think that I have an un-curable case of being a Black man.  I got out of the game back on October 14, if you recall, but that doesn’t mean that my eyes fell out of my head and that my penis isn’t still psychic.  “I see hard times in your future.”  Also my sense of humor has problems, but we’ll get into that later.


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