2009 Baseball World Series: Hideki Matsui Edition

I know that I mentioned him before not too long ago, but I wonder if you people out there have been following that Hideki Matsui helped the New York Yankees win their 27th World Series championship title last night over the Philadelphia Phillies. 

Last night, in New York, Hideki Matsui drove in six runs –including a homerun, en route to providing the majority of the offense as the designated hitter.  Matsui must have really been seeing the ball well last night, actually throughout the series, because he continued to be the steady force in the line-up while other Yankee stars struggled. I’m smiling inside because some things just make the world seem like it all makes sense.

His nickname is “Godzilla” but I don’t know if I’m willing to call him that without his approval. Hideki Matsui was named the Most Valuable Player on the New York Yankees’ championship baseball team during the entire series but he really came alive in game six.  He seemed to single-handedly beat Philadelphia even though he only started in three of those games. Nobody can argue with numbers: Matsui hit a blazing .615 batting average, and piled up 18 total bases during the series.

I’m giving a lot of props to Hideki because of the fact that he is on a baseball team with so many guys heading to the Hall of Fame: Derek Jeter, Andy Petit, Mariano Rivera, Jorge Posada and even Alex Rodriguez can all pretty much expect to be first ballot selections. Hideki already finished a Hall of Fame career in Japan before he even arrived here in April 2003 with the sole mission of helping the Yankees get back to winning the World Series. (The Yankees haven’t won since 2000, and the pressure was very real for this group of talented and expensive super stars to produce.) Matsui just made the whole thing worth it and may have earned a place in Cooperstown.

I’m going to be celebrating with pictures of Miss Japan Universe on this site even though Hideki is happily married.  I’m also going to be partying in New York City this weekend like you wouldn’t believe because baseball is sort of a really big deal there. There is definitely going to be tickertape parade on Broadway and I’ll be sure to take pictures to share with you on this site.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures of Miss Emiri Miyasaka, because I sure did.  Click on each one to blow it up because it really is worth it.  I’m going to actually have to revisit Miss Miyasaka a little later because I think that she deserves a feature on this web site too. Also, I just found a bunch of pictures of her wearing purple so you know it’s on.  Let’s recap: Japan is fresh, but I’m partying in New York City this weekend. Hideki Matsui just had the series of his life and cemented his legacy for the second time, in his second country. Someone cue the Frank Sinatra…


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