Stags Early Release: Sunday Couch Potato

The DeMatha Stags won yesterday.  They didn’t win big.  They didn’t win fancy.  They just won. 

The final score was DeMatha 10 – 7 over Bishop McNamara.  Marcus Coker scored the Stags’ only touchdown after Michael Branthover put us on the board.  A 10 – 0 record overall is a great way to close the regular season but now we need two more wins for a championship.

Alley Baggett is sporting some red and white ensemble, and all she’s missing is the true blue.  In other news Saint John’s College didn’t make the playoffs and Gonzaga is in.  This means that the first round is set for DeMatha versus Gonzaga.  I’m thinking that a thorough trouncing would be sufficient revenge for our loss in the soccer finals this year.



One Response to “Stags Early Release: Sunday Couch Potato”

  1. Sonya Says:

    There\’s just something about fresh, white, cotton panties….

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