Tuesday Contemplation: Birthday Edition


I recently had to cut off more people that don’t add anything to the cipher.  I’m thirty-five years old and I can’t afford to holding water for you if we’re not even friends and you don’t bring anything to the table.  Even though I can hold a lot of water, I just don’t think that it is right when people expect you to hold it for nothing in return.  They act like we’re related or something…

The Cooperators, my fantasy football team, beat Rudy’s team last night.  My overall record is 5 – 4 which is not so good.  That wasn’t really a smooth transition or subject change, but that is how it goes sometimes.  Neither is this next one…

I really like the blank FRANK books.  Maybe it is because I’m a writer, but the concept is so simple and yet it so on time.  Basically it is a FRANK book with all blank pages that I can fill up with ideas and the beginnings of bigger articles.

Happy Birthday to my beautiful niece! 


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