Wednesday Contemplation: Veteran’s Day Edition

Happy Veteran’s Day to all the veterans out there.  I, myself, have to work today so I’m observing the federal holiday in this posting.  I also went to a function last night for the African American Civil War veterans at Hogate’s last night.  For some strange reason, I’ve always been into American history, especially American history dealing with black people.  As it stands right now, the African American Civil War Memorial over there on historic U Street in Washington DC is the only one of it’s kind.  I hate to toot my own horn on this fine point, but even when that museum loses it’s claim to fame when the new museum on the National Mall is built but there is only one person that I know that had a hand in both of those projects.  When I was in college the brothers that shall remained nameless toiled incessantly to help realize the dream of honoring the African-american men and women that valiantly gave their lives during a period in time in which their very humanity was debated.

As I have boasted previously on this website, there has been a relative in my family that has fought in every single war that we have had and we cover every branch of military service.  I’m proud of the veterans in my family, and thankful for those serving overseas right now trying to preserve freedom.  I guess I could get into some whole, “freedom isn’t free” thing on this website but I think that I’ll spare you the rah-rah American hype.  (I’m going to actually save my hype for the DeMatha Stags this Friday when they take on the Gonzaga Purple Eagles in the WCAC football quarterfinals on Friday.  I believe that the DeMatha football team is finally starting to gel and starting to play as well as they possibly can.)  Whatever, time will tell.  There isn’t a whole lot of other stuff going on in my world these days, anyway.  I guess I could bring this whole thing back to family and shout out my Aunt Babysis and my cousin, Marcus on their birthdays?  It has been a busy month for birthdays so far.



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