Random Nonsensical: Friday 13th Edition

“He said his daddy was a Mason with a major supply, and I could get them thangs as long as I buy five.” – B-Legit, D-Boy Blues

I forgot to mention that Notre Dame lost to Navy this past Saturday in football and it really put a smile on my face. I really like to see Notre Dame’s current coach lose because I believe that he is poser because he has never played football a day in his life. I don’t think that he is any better than me on my PlayStation at home and so I can’t really respect his coaching ability.  What I can respect is those kids over there attending the United States Naval Academy.  Congratulations on their big win!

I had an idea the other day to write a treatise on the genetic implications of injustice. I’m thinking about adapting it into a dissertation one day, but for now peep for it on The Chronicles of Six this winter because I’m trying to raise the bar a little more for the discourse on this site. I feel like I’ve gotten a bit regular and it is time to dust off that college degree and give real intellectuals something to nibble on.  Sometimes I go too serious and other times I go to lightheartedly.  Oh well, that’s how I roll.

DeMatha plays Gonzaga tonight at 7 PM tomorrow at 2 PM (at Bishop McNamara) for the WCAC football playoff quarterfinals. (Game time was postponed until tomorrow due to weather.) This is a major game and I expect a big DeMatha win. If we aren’t able to manage a win this evening then I’m sure that I’ll be crying in my condo all alone all weekend long. I’ll also probably be drinking myself silly if we lose because I realized the other day that I have so much liquor left over from Howard Homecoming that I have enough to serve all winter long. I know that I must be getting old because it didn’t used to be like this…

I’ve been travelling recently and I only have plans for more travel in the near future. There is a good chance that I will be in your city during this month or the next. I’m pretty much going everywhere, so if you’re checking for the brotherhood you’re likely to find me. I have a habit of turning up at the dandiest times. Some of the cities on my North American tour list include: Vancouver, Los Angeles, Houston, Miami, and Cancun, Mexico. I don’t want to tell you where you should spend your New Years yet, but let’s just say that I won’t be in the country.

The game is on smash right now. Things are popping off and I’m still smiling. Even though today is Friday, the 13th, I don’t let the superstitions bother me. The key is to not pay them any attention and to pray a lot, anyway. God watches over all of us, and the more that you acknowledge that fact, the more it pleases him. Some people think that it is all indifference and luck of the draw but I don’t think so, even though I respect those peoples’ opinions. I don’t even believe in luck like that. Anyway people, I hope that you are having a Happy Friday out there. Take care this weekend and all that.  I’m working on some poems and I hope to finish a series that I’m doing for Christmas soon.

Check your mailboxes and try and holler at The Bruzz, sometimes. 


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