Monday Contemplation: Equal Niece Time Edition

Even though it was a bye week this week for the New York Football Giants, a lot of my football dreams came true this weekend. For starters the DeMatha Stags are playing in the WCAC Championship game this coming Saturday. I was also pleased that my fantasy football team, The Cooperators, also won this week. My overall record is 6 – 4 and I’m in the middle of the pack of the league.

Navy beat University of Delaware and Notre Dame lost to the University of Pittsburgh in the college football games this weekend. As for professional football the Dallas Cowboys lost this weekend, the Philadelphia Eagles lost this weekend, and the Washington Redskins won. Now the New York Football Giants are in third place in the NFC East standings but I feel like they’ll make the playoffs somehow.

All those topics are pretty lowbrow stuff to contemplate for a Monday, though. In keeping with the spirit of uplift let me put you on to some more thought gems. Right now I’m working on stuff that is essential to my responsibilities and it is really difficult to prioritize even though my task is an elephant in the room. Estimating the cost of large scale construction projects can be very tedious and time consuming. I’d rather jump into a big pile of clear plastic balls and scream “Yaaaaayyyy.” My boss is really trusting of my work ethic, so the responsibility is falling on me to make things happen.

In short, I have to power through.  It is times like these that I rely on the only thing that can motivate me. I’m sure that you all have those things that can get you going all at once. For me, it is understanding that if I don’t have this great job that I can’t live my great life. It is really very simple: I like nice things. In order to continue to have nice things, I require a high paying job. I also like to travel, and that is also a big motivation for me sometimes. (I’m thinking about getting hugs from my nieces and walking along the beach with them in California.) This is why I had to make the adult decision to not go anywhere, until my work is finished.

I don’t mean to scare you younger professionals or other kids out there, but the real world is really real. That is black people talk meaning that if you don’t have your shit together, you could be living hand-to-mouth or dependent on other people for your very survival. Sure a little dependence is good, because no man is an island but that doesn’t mean that people should be a constant drain on others. Nobody likes freeloaders, and society can’t afford them in the Age of Aquarius. One of the best and toughest lessons that my Great Grandfather taught me was that I should always have a job, and once more as a black man –you better be damn good at it.

I know that this was all over the place, but you should still be contemplating all this stuff instead of questioning the source anyway. (Shout outs to Theodore Roosevelt Giles!) We can’t always be thinking about football and crap like that. Even though it wasn’t some fancy explanation of some Harlem Renaissance art, it was still probably in line with the mental gymnastics necessary for you to not get stagnant. All you have to do is think about what is motivating you to do what it is that you do, but for some I would imagine that it is harder than it seems.

Advanced Ethics would be to make sure that whatever is motivating you is not a part of a process that harms or takes anything away from others. Essentially you win at life if when whatever is motivating you is also a part of a process that helps or adds to the success of others.

Marinate on that…


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