More Words Thursday

Okay, there has been some major stuff going on recently that demanded my full, uninterrupted attention. Actually, that is not totally true because my friend Kadinga came through last night and we slapped bones. Believe it or not, I lost with a score of 295 – 300. We had an extensive conversation about whether or not it was indeed nobler to play to three or six houses. Obviously my argument won the day to play dominoes for six complete houses for a total score of 300, even if it didn’t help me eventually win the game.

Speaking of games, I’m already all about the DeMatha game this Saturday. I hope that the weather is good and that it doesn’t rain. The forecast is already promised to be warmer than last year’s WCAC Championship Football game; I just hope that the outcome is the same. The Stags need to be beat the crap out of Good Counsel and take their rightful place as one the best DeMatha football teams to ever play. I hear that everyone at the game rooting for the Stags will be wearing red, so you can bet that I’ll be among them.

Tonight I have to catch up on my writing. I have several articles due. Two surf articles still need refining with details and I haven’t even been to the beach recently. I don’t have to fake my surf articles because my memory is so good. (I can remember every passing second of a fabulous time but I had a hard time remembering the names of the Presidents of the United States of America in order when I was in Lower School at Friends Academy.) My plan is to visualize later on this afternoon in the comforts of my Washington DC digs to take it back.

I read an article today about Barack Obama’s half brother living in China. I thought that it was the most random article that I have ever seen on Black America Web. I mean, what does China have to do with Barack Obama? I have no idea. Anyway, the President of the United States is back from his trip to Asia but I wonder if everybody is feeling that he’s not as golden as he used to be, like I am? President Obama needs to make a decision on Afghanistan.

Barack’s process is taking to long to figure out whether or not to send troops there and lives are literally hanging in the balance. As the Commander in Chief for all U.S. military forces you would think that he would have been on this committee to make it happen already, or something. Letting the troops languish is not really all that gangster, Mr. President. It was deciding time like two months ago.  In order to appear like he actually has a pair, Obama needs to make a good decision with expedience.

Another area that POTUS Barack Obama appears to be botching is the whole trying the war tribunal dudes in New York City. Dude, are you crazy? New York City doesn’t need that kind of attention, Mr. President. Keep the suspected terrorists over there at GITMO and hit them with the Admiralty Law. Signing these guys up for trials in New York City is akin to hooking them up with civil rights and that just doesn’t seem all that straight, either.  It isn’t like the U.S. is ever going to give back Guantanamo Bay to the Cubans.

We need to be honest with ourselves and keep it totally real. And while we are all on the subject of keeping it real and definitely not giving land that we stole back, I think that we should stop pretending that we are all sympathetic to Native Americans. The fact is, Europeans came to America for the sole purpose of stealing America away from the Native Americans in the first place and it is a travesty of justice to continue to assert otherwise. I also think that it is offensive to have Native American Heritage Observance and Thanksgiving in the same month.

I would like to remind you all that I am 1/16 Cherokee Nation, so that gives me a pretty high horse to ride out on you thieving bastards on this subject.


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