Stag Friday: More Words & Hot Links Edition

Well of all things… Can it be?  Really?”  Deuteronomy, T.S. Eliot

I’m going to hook everybody up with the links that are basically like pathways into my brain on a Friday before a DeMatha championship game. Everything now is counting down. I’m in a very serene place because I’ve been having good dreams.

The first thing that came into focus was Corey Puffett winning the 2009 Maryland Private Schools Cross Country Championship race. He didn’t lose in the area all year long and now he’s headed to run in the Eastern Regional race in New York. No runner from DeMatha had ever won a state championship in the sport of cross country before and now Corey Puffett is in a class by himself.

Speaking about DeMatha there were a lot of articles previewing the 2009 WCAC Football Championship to choose from. The Prince Georges County Gazette was a little ho-hum about DeMatha and Good Counsel meeting for the seventh time in a row. DC Sports Fan took the chronological approach and tried to keep it neutral, but you just know that they want the Stags to lose.

The Washington Post hit you with the straight facts, first, and then they go whole sale on DeMatha’s rising stock of offensive linemen in a second piece previewing the big game. Center Jake Geiser and Offensive Guard Shane Johnson get cursory nods but the piece focuses on behemoth brothers Arie and Cyrus, the starting left and right tackles respectively.

I know that you have already heard it before, but it is worth mentioning again, that if DeMatha should win this football game tomorrow then they will probably be considered the best football team to every play at the school.  At the very least, they will be the highest ranked Stag football team to ever play to date.  Go Stags!

This is the second to last football post of the year and I’m already getting a little nostalgic.  It has been another great year for DeMatha football, win or lose tomorrow, but we all know how history is written by the winners.  Hopefully my last post of the year won’t have to be filled with sadness because the Stags will make it happen, once again. 

Happy Friday.


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