The Attitude Adjustment: DeMatha 87 Good Counsel 51

Do you need an attitude adjustment?” –my momma, usually before slapping someone, usually 6-8 year-old me, in the face

Listen if you need a real, in depth, account of what happened when Good Counsel played DeMatha in basketball at Kathy & Morgan Wootten Gymnasium then I suggest that you check out the Prince George’s County Gazette because I’m fit’na ride out.

The contest portion of the game ended with the conclusion of the first quarter. The Falcons basketball team was playing with a whole lot of attitude and swagger and managed to stay with the Stags step for step for the first 7 minutes and thirty-six seconds into the game. Good Counsel used outside shots to claim a 15-14 point lead and Head Coach Mike Jones called a time out.

During the very next BeeJay Anya Creates Problemspossession the Stags held the ball for the final shot and swung the ball to a  perimeter player for a three-pointer with little time left. Good Counsel was not able to get a shot off before the clock ran out of the allotted 8 minutes ending the quarter along with any hopes that they were going to win this contest. Down 17-15 to start the second quarter, the Falcons wouldn’t score again until DeMatha had 31.

DeMatha needed a game in which they could empty the bench and so they got their opportunity on Thursday night by outscoring Good Counsel roughly 2:1.  It is easy to say that it was the press that did Good Counsel in, but I don’t think that it addresses the real situation in this case. DeMatha’s basketball team is really good this year even without a press. BeeJay Draws CrowdIt remains to be seen whether or not they will go down as one of the best teams of all time, but they haven’t shown the same signs of vulnerability that they displayed last year.

One difference is in the change of attitude from slightly timid to contained aggression. The starting center for the majority of last year, Mikael Hopkins, had a preference for shooting outside and using his 6’ 8” height in that regard. BeeJay Anya chooses to employ that same strategy only as a last resort and the result is that we’ve seen more two-handed dunks and less feathery touches. Jerami Grant also gets much more consideration in the offense now, and that makes opponents pick their poison.

Today Mikael Hopkins is playing in a nearby program that suits his game, and Georgetown University is a better team as a result of him being on it. One would think that DeMatha would be worse off with him gone, but I am happy to report that so far it has been mutually beneficial for everyone. Mikael Hopkins at Georgetown (Mikael, ever the proud DeMatha graduate, even stopped by the Good Counsel game to see his old teammates play.)  I might have to change my tune if DeMatha basketball can’t improve on their triple crown performance last year –but I think I’ll take my chances.

I know that it is tough to balance the WCAC regular season and a national schedule, but that is the only area in which DeMatha basketball can demonstrate progress from last year. Later on, in a few hours the Stags will play one of the best teams from Philadelphia in the Cancer Research Classic that is sure to be a great test of their development.

DeMatha is currently ranked #5 in the country.  Go Stags!



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