Solstice Marker

I write less and less because the thought has finally dawned on me that you don’t really need to hear from me.  My voice isn’t that important to you and you probably have better things to do with your time.  It is a tough realization but one that I am finally ready to accept.  I don’t see much choice in the matter, anyway. 

Sometimes you have to be ready to take your place in anonymity like so many of those infantrymen that stepped off landing crafts or those brave souls that took their places on the firing line.  As much as you want to believe that you are special and different and somehow going to make it through the war of life unscathed, you might understand that it couldn’t always work out that way.  There are times when nobody can save you and your best isn’t good enough.

Such is life.

Yesterday was the longest day of the year which marked the Summer Solstice.  I think that I might have broken my finger swimming in the pool.  I was doing sprints and stretching for the wall when I misjudged the distance and slammed my right middle finger into the concrete.  This injury only exasperated another basketball injury in which I jammed my middle finger going for a loose ball playing pick-up with neighborhood kids three months ago.  How many more Summer Solstices will I get to see, I wonder?

How many more days of Summer will I have to enjoy in my lifetime?  I’m just one anonymous lonely soul.  I don’t really count for much in the grand scheme of things but I have been happy with my time in the sun and I would like some more even though everyday hasn’t been perfect.  Sometimes you might jam your finger or you may find out that you made terrible mistakes in your life.  When you say your prayers on the longest day, you might only recall the good parts worth repeating but life doesn’t really work that way.

Anyway folks, you may miss me when I am gone but don’t worry yourself too much.  Chances are you never really knew me and I was just like you: anonymous.


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One Response to “Solstice Marker”

  1. anonymous Says:

    love, keep writing if only for yourself… i know it is a great release for you.

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