Our Lady of Good Remedy


I started to get all religious again, and maybe that was a good thing.  I wasn’t living up to my potential and that isn’t right.  It is difficult to be an upright, and righteous person but still, the attempt must be made.

My injury gave me pause and that was enough.  I knew that I could be healed again, but would I be a better person?  The bludgeoning of this world can beat me into the right shape, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t without pain.  Life is hard, but it is beautiful, and it can be sweet.

Today, I realize that I will certainly need Our Lady of Good Remedy in order to make it through this world.  I have always believed in my mother’s love and so I pray for the love and intercession of the  Holy Mother Mary.  I really can’t say enough about the kind of feminine love that often gets left out of the churches of the world but blessed are they that come to understand.

If you should ever be so fortunate as to lose everything in this world and become dependent again on charity, you might discover that this route to Our Lady of Good Remedy is well worn.  Sometimes we need tough love and other times we need straight up miracles.  Well count me in the same number as the faithful that ask for intercession from the Holy Son and the Holy Mother.

Didn’t the patron saint of my own, personal, education feel the same way?


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