Stags Set to Play Florida’s Godby Cougars on ESPN

Serious Florida Competition

The Defending 2012 FHSAA Class 5A Champions

Some of you may recall that when DeMatha plays sports on ESPN, I have a tendency to completely relapse into my Stag fanaticism.

Here is a reminder:


I’m just going to breathe right now for a second.  Ok.

I’ve kind of collected myself, so I am just going to write it now alright?  Ok.   The DeMatha Stags are playing on ESPN on Labor Day (September 2nd) at 3PM Eastern Standard Time.

Yes, I am aware of what actually transpired the last time that DeMatha played football with national title implications on ESPN.  I’m just going to try and be really subdued and cool like it’s a regular everyday thing because I guess it really is.  My high school alma mater plays on national television on a regular basis.  Ok.  Right?  We’re itching for a title again.

I really need us to win this game though.  Ok.  I can root for my team, right?  Ok.  I’m not getting too weird.  Last time I got into that whole cult of Kenny Tate thing.  In 2013 the DeMatha Stags don’t have that type of dynamic player but they are in the hunt for a national title just the same.  Taiwon Deal, Brock Ruble, Ju’Whuan Bentley, and Cameron Phillips are all Stags that we should know.  Ok, agonizing antlers man the Stags better not lose any games!  Breathe.

DeMatha is going to play the Florida 5(A) Champions, Godby Cougars.  Ok.  They are really good.  I saw them on ESPN last week and they demolished the team that they were playing against.  Alright and now I am imagining myself in a happy place, counting down from six…  Godby Cougars had this tremendous Outside Linebacker #16 Jacob Pugh that had some poor quarterback running for his dear life.  It looked scary.  Well, back to my happy, non-fanatical place.

If the DeMatha Stags win this game there will be bedlam in Hyattsville.

Do my antlers still look fuzzy and like velvet?


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