Species Profile #1

So I go to the Native American Zodiac Animal page and I came across my totem, and it is the Sea Otter.  (Even though on the page they keep referring to the pictured animal as just plain “Otter,” which basically means that it is of the freshwater variety.)  Take my word for it –because I’m a biologist, that the organism pictured is, in fact, a sea otter Enhydra lutris

I wrote a species profile on the animal mainly because God only gave Adam one job…  Consider me as one of the faithful, even if you never hear from me ever again.  I’m innovating on the fringes so I don’t have time to post much. 

If you care to read some of my original science work about sea otters (Enhydra lutris) then here it is.  (Don’t plagiarize me, bro!)

I’m busy, but Happy Mardi Gras people!


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