George Stinney Knew Injustice

“You can’t trust them.”  – Public Enemy

This is right from The Young Turks and they make it plain enough for me.  Sometimes you have to look at it, even though it makes your soul hurt.

South Carolina executed a fourteen-year-old child, but boy are they sorry now.  My other home state isn’t exactly all that hospitable to black folks all the time, but this one sort of takes the cake.  Pardon my South Carolina cakewalk pun, but I laugh to keep from crying.

Long time comin’.  Tell me that George Stinney isn’t some sort of martyr and go really slowly, like I’m stupid.

Where is the moral authority to carry this sort of thing coming from, anyway?  From people sort of short on the Bible, right?  Racist oppression isn’t founded on such stuff.

I know that because George Stinney wasn’t short on the Bible and they killed him.  The United States of America has been at this sort of thing for years and so we add this to the shit that we already know.  The system is still doing exactly what it was designed to do.


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