Carnival in Jerez de la Frontera

It just so happens that a Catholic country like Spain makes a big deal out of the impending season of Lent by throwing a huge carnival in most of the cities.  I am told that Cadíz is place to go to see the biggest celebration, but I don’t expect the same type of revelry as Mardi Gras in New Orleans.

Not-so-funny-story: some young racists dressed up as the Harlem Globe Trotters in full afro wigs and blackface.  Now I don’t know what this costume has to do with Lent, or Mardi Gras or anything other than being racist so it made it into the video.  (See if you spot the racist.)  I think that my son had a good time.  I noticed that my momma refused to comment on that bullshit.

You already know that racism is a world-wide problem.  Spain is not the exception, but it is still better at race relations than the United States of America.


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One Response to “Carnival in Jerez de la Frontera”

  1. Epiphany 2016 | The Chronicles of Six Says:

    […] actual Africans in some of their parades for Three Wise Kings Day, also known as Los Reyes Magos.  I wrote about my general disgust for the practice of donning blackface last year, but my opinion about this particular Spanish tradition is evolving […]

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