American Goring Advice: But None Too Much

When 20-year-old Benjamin Miller decided to leave his native state of Georgia in the United States and travel to Denia, Spain I bet that he wasn’t planning on life-threatening injuries.  One extra hazard of running with the bulls for Americans is the likelihood that you will make international news if you are unfortunate enough to be gored.  Like how do you pack for that?

NY Daily News, Benjamin Miller is gored by a bull in Spain.

NY Daily News, Benjamin Miller is gored by a bull in Spain.

I have written about running with the bulls before, and my training for the event began in earnest in 2008.  I quickly got off track and later broke my ankle but I should be able to make my first run at the age of 41, or 42 because I’m a gangster like that.  Trust me, it is still going down now that I have a foothold in Spain but the naysayers should never be completely ignored.

I have come across some magnificent gems of advice as a result of listening attentively.  My official bull running mentor is from Valencia and he has a Ph.D in astrophysics, so I feel like I’m more hip to the game than the average American.  Nevertheless, my wife has seen fit to give me this one final last warning not to attend next month so I’m sharing it with you.

Anyway happy Mardi Gras!  Somebody out there should send your boy some king cake or hot sausage or something…  (We are literally celebrating my son’s probable conception date because New Orleans is a really fun time during carnival.)  I’m going to be sure to pass along Kipling’s advice that “all men should count with you, but none too much.”


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