Sherry Education All Stars In Jerez

This is a special bonus post to capitalize on all of the recent information that I have discovered in my personal, Jerez sherry education.  It is worth stating here that sherry has also managed to play a prominent role during the courtship of my beloved wife.


Vendimia Jerez 2016 Pisa de la Uva

While we were still just dating my wife was on exchange teaching English in the United States and she confided in me that she missed the wines that the Jerez region is famous for.  Her lamentations led to my eventual acceptance of the challenge to find and present her with a case of fino.  The rest, as they say, is history.

I was in love.  I was immediately launched into a new world of understanding about the intricacies of wines and the wine industry.  Seriously, my wife had me at “fortified wine,” but by the time I discovered what a ‘rebujito’ (* see below) was I knew that I was in over my head.  I had to get a better sherry education and also figure out how it was possible that I didn’t find this old liquid gold in my life beforehand.  I immediately set about on a course of research that directed me towards several fabulous people that have a presence in the sherry industry in Jerez de la Frontera, and on the internet.

The first super sherry aficionado that I found was right here on WordPress, completely by accident.  Sherry Sips was a pleasant surprise to find on the internet because the principle author Seana Yee’s adventures are documented excellently.  Seana’s strategy is proven and the native Oregonian employs honest words and great pictures in her Sherry Sips social media.  If you are the type of individual that can see yourself trying to obtain the very best education in sherry, then you would do well to study the method of Sherry Sips.  Her websites outline a clear path towards achieving that goal and she is in the process of completing it.  These are exciting times to check out her work because of her recent travels to Jerez de la Frontera and her bravery in attempting what can only be described as complete sherry cultural immersion.

[Photo courtesy of Sherry Sips Twitter]

People that might be in wine production in Jerez can be a little aloof and foreigners are looked at with both interest and suspicion.  Producers in the wine industry are typically family owned businesses and they have long been wary any foreign interference.  Sherry isn’t exactly an industry that the average international business person can break into.  It can take years to get on a first name basis with established sherry professionals.  Fortunately, Seana Yee introduced me to the awesome Roció Urium who not only blogs extensively but she is also deeply entrenched in the wine industry in Jerez.  If you are ever fortunate enough to come here and engage Roció in conversation you will note that the potential exists to rapidly increase your base of sherry knowledge in a short period of time.  The next best thing might be her extensive internet media because Roció Urium is fluent in English and very easy to follow.


A photo posted by Rocio Urium (@rociourium) on Sep 6, 2016 at 12:03pm PDT


[Photo courtesy of  Rocio Urium (@rociourium) by Mario on Sep 6, 2016 at 12:03pm PDT via Instagram]

Lastly I would like to draw your attention to our fantastic friends across the pond that have been steadily filling the annals of sherry lore as the world’s biggest importers -almost since the beginning of recorded history.  Great Britain and Scotland have had a very long relationship with sherry producers in Spain and the legacy is continuing in a modern way with Criadera.  The sheer volume of the work in the blog there will take even the most avid oenologist quite some time to digest.  There is a terrific diversity in the topics covered by Criadera and so it is very difficult to get bored.  The Criadera team is comprised of my two new friends Helen and Stuart that turned a quick holiday into an obsession that blossomed into Sherry Boutique. It has often been said that ‘way leads on to way’ and that it is the journey that should be cherished and not so much the destination.  I hope my readers take the time to really get lost in the sauce during their free sherry educations.

[Photo courtesy of Criadera Twitter]

In just one day during the ‘Pisa de la Uva’ I met people from all over the world that have an interest in one of the world’s oldest and most famous wines.  To embark on this odyssey, you need a very open mind and plenty of stamina but the rewards are also great.  A sherry education is valuable and you might find yourself on a slightly different course in life because of it.

* Rebujito – a mixed sherry drink consisting of relatively equal parts 7-Up and fino typically served over ice on hot days in Spain.

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