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Chunky or Die

September 1, 2011

Breakwater is Chunky

I have been in a quiet exile of my own choosing for quite some time now and I’m writing to you today from that secluded space in order to relate my thoughts to you. It is not my intention to give anything else away because I, quite frankly, can’t afford to anymore. It came to my attention a little over two years ago that what I was writing would probably be able to be used against me for a significant amount of time. I thought of trying to sensor myself and take it back, but truthfully there is no such thing in cyberspace.

I had a good run of solid posts and very little readership to console myself. I spent the last year or so reading other people’s confessionary blogs and I was even jealous of their popularity. It got me to ponder the double-edged sword of writing enough titillating blog features to increase the page hit counts and yet still be able to maintain an employable persona and the salary that comes with it.

Eventually the old blog petered out when I came back from Mexico. I was flush with new catch phrases that would never catch on and I had probably just ‘jumped the shark’ by showing my ass in Tulum. Really there was nothing left for me to do at that point. My usual topics all seemed boring: relationships, surfing, travel, flowers, culture, and the DeMatha Stags.

I had plenty of inspiration and I never stopped following my interests but I didn’t get the feeling that anybody cared to read about it anymore. Not much has changed since I got that feeling except for the fact that I realize now that the blog was more for me than it could ever be for a potential reader. The Chronicles of Six is my public record and without it, I have no tangible means of ridiculing myself.

So, I’m re-launching. Oh I’ll still write for the magazines that some of you have found me in and, travel permitting, I will still try and hold down my Stags. Although I must admit, I’m going to have to be a lot more cryptic this time around because I’m old and the good Lord knows that I shouldn’t be doing this sort of stuff.  The picture that Damien Baskette took is a reminder of such endeavors because the wave being surfed is Breakwater in Venice and if it is that chunky then you really don’t have much hope of surviving the close-out that will rapidly ensue.

I’m going to ride this blog for as many moments as it gives me and then I’m going to plow through the face and pray.

Check for me.

Changing the Subject: Monty Python Edition

November 12, 2009


Sunday Couch Potato: Go Yankees, Minka Kelly Edition

November 1, 2009


Derek Jeter plays for the New York Yankees.  Kelly Minka is Derek Jeter’s main piece these days.  She’s at the top of all this to take your mind away from the negative thoughts.  There are too many positives to focus on these days, anyway.  I hope that you are all enjoying your Sunday.

You Know I’m Out The Game, Right?

October 14, 2009


Years from now they are going to say that they remember the day when D got out the game.

Today is that day, people. It started off as a hiatus, but it ends up being permanent: I’m gone.

The truth of the matter is that I’ve been accessible to all of you only because I have been extremely bored. Instead of fighting against it now, I have decided to embrace it. I’m afraid I’ll only have time for the occasional rant about the Stags and other stuff that pervades my world.

I was always pretty much one step away from a monastic lifestyle anyway. I’m as free as a bird in my routine. I owe it to myself to check out in time to put my nose to the grindstone and really work hard in order to reach the last goal –supposedly making this whole thing worth it. So if it makes you feel better you don’t have to consider me as gone, but I am definitely headed into the forest.

Tiger Tiger

October 8, 2009

I’m a tiger today.  Some say I was born in the year of the tiger.  Some say I was born in the year of the ox.  I don’t care either way.  I’m a tiger today.  You should be a tiger today, too.

Laid Back: Natalie Suliman Part Two Edition

October 4, 2009

I hope that you are all happy out there.  I want all of you to enjoy your Sunday!  Natalie Suliman has made quite a number of appearances on this site, and I hope that you all don’t mind too much.  We’re just so happy these days that we’re just trying to share the love over here at The Chronicles of Six.

The Cooperators

September 29, 2009

I forgot to tell you that my fantasy football team actually won yesterday. I couldn’t believe it, myself. I honestly didn’t think that we had the horses, but we pulled it out in the end. I guess yesterday, was a really good day. If you want to look up my fantasy football team, I play on Yahoo. The name of my team is The Cooperators. Seriously, you should come check us out, because we have no life and we’re big nerds.  So far our record is 2 – 1 and you should root for The Cooperators because I’m in fantasy football league full of lawyers.  Also our mascot is the hippie chick above, although she doesn’t know it.  I like her bright colors though, so she is mesmerizing and soothing to me.

Friday Night Lights

September 18, 2009

Coverage for DeMatha vs. Friendship Collegiate Begins Tonight @ 7 PM Via Twitter

As you already know, the DeMatha Stags are playing football tonight against Friendship Collegiate and I’ll be in attendance. I plan on tweeting the entire game so if you haven’t done so already, now is the time to start following me on Twitter. (Also, about my Twitter account: I’m going to have to make it private so you’re really going to have to follow me soon because there is some risqué stuff on there from time to time.) You should be following me already, and many of you just check my Windows Live Profile, but it’s time to make it official. 

Of course full coverage, if you ever want to call what I do “full coverage,” will be provided when I am good and hung over and watching college football on Saturday. I might even take some pictures for myself since it is really difficult to get them from my favorite sources these days. (My favorite sources are other websites.) Everybody these days is a writer, and those that don’t write seem to be getting in the photography game. I don’t have any qualms with them, but they put watermarks on all their photos as an advertisement to buy them. The only watermark that The Chronicles of Six does is our own watermarks.  Nobody else’s watermarks are allowed over here. We don’t support others making a buck on high school sports, either. Try to concentrate on the sport for the sports’ sake while you’re here.

Friday night lights are for the children! Seriously, I write so much about high school sports because I know that all it takes is one recruiter to read some deserving kids name in a blog and then whammy, he’s getting a look. I’m not saying that every time that I write something about a DeMatha kid he gets a scholarship, but every little bit of buzz on a potential student-athlete helps. In most cases, I’m not even a third, fourth or fifth option in the research department for college recruiters, but the numbers don’t lie: as soon as football season starts I mysteriously start getting more hits than at any other time of year. I know that nobody is checking back here for pop culture because I purposefully delay most of those posts until after the news cycle has already died down.

Anyway, if you see a lonely looking guy at the DeMatha game tonight constantly fiddling with his Blackberry wearing the school colors then you should take that as your opportunity to holler at The Bruzz. Unfortunately, Maverick and Maven have football and cheerleading practice tonight, respectively, so I won’t be able to show Rudy & Nat’s kids how the Stags live until a later date in the season. Oh well, I’ve had to go it alone in the past. It’s just like old times, actually. I don’t mind going alone because no matter what I feel at home when I get there because the DeMatha Family is so sincere.

Stay Grinding: Small Talk Edition

September 8, 2009

It is sort of a gray day today. I think that it is supposed to be overcast all week. The forecast calls for a lot of rain but I don’t think that it will affect my upbeat attitude of late.  (I’m still really happy!)  I’m really still excited to be putting down something new on the blog, everyday this month. Even when there isn’t a whole lot going on, I plan on writing. I suppose I could just take the cheap way out sometimes and just talk about the weather and throw up a picture of some beautiful woman. Everyone likes to see the pictures of beautiful women.  This one is pure artwork, too.  I hope you all enjoy your day out there.