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Tinkerbell’s Return: No More Kook

August 12, 2013

Tinkerbell’s Return: No More Kook

Kookboxx Surfboards is over.

Yeah, let that sink in for a little while.

This was us back in Virginia Beach when he started this whole Duct Tape Invitational thing with VANS.

Dandini & Joel

This was us back in Virginia Beach when he started this whole Duct Tape Invitational thing with VANS.

Kookboxx finished. I could get into the whole story on here right now, but I’m not.

I just got off the phone with Mama Denise and she really broke it down, but there are some lingering issues that need to clear before the whole story gets out.  All you need to know right now is that the boys aren’t really doing Kookboxx anymore. I spoke with Joel earlier this morning so I knew that he was serious.  I was honestly in a state of shock when he told me, but after he explained it made perfect sense.  Sometimes you just have to move on and make a better way.  It doesn’t always make sense to dwell on the past when you already have momentum and you can keep on pushing. I’m not wearing anymore t-shirts, even though the logo was fresh.

As a matter of fact, this is the last time that I will use the Kookboxx name in a sentence.  I can’t now, anyway…  I’m rocking with the best.  You are still rocking with the best.

So yeah, kids.  That’s how it just went down.


Chunky or Die

September 1, 2011

Breakwater is Chunky

I have been in a quiet exile of my own choosing for quite some time now and I’m writing to you today from that secluded space in order to relate my thoughts to you. It is not my intention to give anything else away because I, quite frankly, can’t afford to anymore. It came to my attention a little over two years ago that what I was writing would probably be able to be used against me for a significant amount of time. I thought of trying to sensor myself and take it back, but truthfully there is no such thing in cyberspace.

I had a good run of solid posts and very little readership to console myself. I spent the last year or so reading other people’s confessionary blogs and I was even jealous of their popularity. It got me to ponder the double-edged sword of writing enough titillating blog features to increase the page hit counts and yet still be able to maintain an employable persona and the salary that comes with it.

Eventually the old blog petered out when I came back from Mexico. I was flush with new catch phrases that would never catch on and I had probably just ‘jumped the shark’ by showing my ass in Tulum. Really there was nothing left for me to do at that point. My usual topics all seemed boring: relationships, surfing, travel, flowers, culture, and the DeMatha Stags.

I had plenty of inspiration and I never stopped following my interests but I didn’t get the feeling that anybody cared to read about it anymore. Not much has changed since I got that feeling except for the fact that I realize now that the blog was more for me than it could ever be for a potential reader. The Chronicles of Six is my public record and without it, I have no tangible means of ridiculing myself.

So, I’m re-launching. Oh I’ll still write for the magazines that some of you have found me in and, travel permitting, I will still try and hold down my Stags. Although I must admit, I’m going to have to be a lot more cryptic this time around because I’m old and the good Lord knows that I shouldn’t be doing this sort of stuff.  The picture that Damien Baskette took is a reminder of such endeavors because the wave being surfed is Breakwater in Venice and if it is that chunky then you really don’t have much hope of surviving the close-out that will rapidly ensue.

I’m going to ride this blog for as many moments as it gives me and then I’m going to plow through the face and pray.

Check for me.

Kookbox Blog VII : Click On Me, Frank Interview Edition

October 28, 2009


Joel Tudor interviewed by yours truly for the Frank 151 website.  Click on Joel’s picture above (photo credit to Estevan Oriol) to go directly to the interview.  Shout outs to Sector 9 & Vans for getting on the gi for sponsorship.

Kookbox Blog VI: Joel Tudor Draws Even On The World Stage

September 26, 2009

This is just a quick update on our fearless leader who was last heard from before getting on a plane to go to the submission fighting World Championships in Barcelona.  The good news is that Joel won his first no-gi fight at the prestigious Abu Dhabi tournament against the European Jiu Jitsu champion, Renier via submission.  The bad news is that Joel lost his second fight via submission to Rubens Charles who also defeated Nakamura from Japan. 

Nobody said it was going to be easy, but the mere fact that Joel actually won a fight on the world stage of submission fighting says a whole lot about him.  Let us not forget that this is a sport that he picked up no more than a decade ago. Joel gets some serious props for getting on a plane to fight against World Class athletes when you could very well lose your life in the process.


Kookbox Blog V: Joel Tudor Wins Jiu Jitsu US Nationals 2009

September 22, 2009

I thought that I told you to look out for my boy?  Well guess who just stepped on to the world stage of mixed martial arts?  Yeah, he did that just this past weekend.

Yeah, this is the part that I tell you that I told you all this shit would happen like three years ago.  It is a story that I couldn’t have written better myself –but quietly, I already did.

This is that part where I tell you that Rani Yahya had it coming to himThis is the part where I tell you that Joel’s favorite submission is the Triangle Choke.  Sometimes I feel like I’m just writing this for myself, because if Rani Yahya had read this…  Well, see for yourself.



You see, that wasn’t that long.  Most of that was Joel Celebrating.

Okay, now that the cat is out of the bag let me go ahead and let the monkey out.  This is the part where I blow your fucking mind and you say “no fucking way!”  Joel Tudor just got an invitation to fight in the ADCC Tournament, also known as Abu Dhabi, also known as buy it on Pay Per View.  Yeah, the best fucking fighters in the world are at this fucking thing and our fearless leader is in the mix because Uriaa Favor broke both of his hands and Joel Tudor picked up an open bid. 

Insane.  Out of control.  Unbelievable.

Now, on another note I have to go ahead and shout out my boys over there at Frank Magazine again for putting me on with another Joel Tudor interview to be released now that the surf issue is out there.  Oh yeah, go get it.  Joel is in that, too. It dropped in September.

Now on that same note, I have to go ahead and say that in addition to that Joel Tudor interview I have yet another Joel Tudor piece about to drop on some exclusive shit.  I love how all of my friends seem to be just blossoming at this point.  If I never win anything in my life, I’ll at least die happy knowing that I was in the company of so many winners.  That’s a blatant shout out to all of my friends.  Ya’ll all hold it down, no bullshit.

Right now, as we speak Joel Tudor is preparing to get on a plane for Barcelona, Spain to fight the weight class of 65.5 kilograms for the submission fighting championship of the mother fucking world –on only one full day’s notice. Now do I need to go into detail about why Joel Tudor is the ballsiest of the the ballsiest dudes that I know?

Kookbox !

Kookbox Blog IV: Jah Rib*

September 3, 2009

(*Not pictured.)

Jah Rib.  Chil-dren ye-ah. Jah-Jah Rib! Chil-dren yeah!

Kookbox Blog III: Imagine the Possibilities When Different Worlds Collide

August 1, 2009

Think of what would happen if Kookbox shot commercials.  You just know that I would be able to work my magic and have some say in them.  As you may already understand, I am well versed in preppy haberdashery and somewhat of a basketball aficionado so my influence may have already resulted in groundbreaking collaborations. I’m not saying that I’m a shot caller at Kookbox but, just take a look at just one of the ideas that I’m tossing around in my head right now and tell me that it shouldn’t go down:

Accenting the All American

Scene:  Pan out showing two dudes on a globe.  One clearly Hawaiian, located somewhere around Southern California.  The other is clearly a Negro from Staten Island about to get on the train somewhere in New York City.  We see them both on the screen, transverse, from sea to shining Sea.  Kookbox wants to be where you are and only let’s you hear the accents from two specs on the screen filled with the globe…

Picture me speaking in my best Danny Fuller voice: You see the thing about it is that everybody’s all thinking that Kookbox isn’t even really all that official here, and that is just not the case.  The real shit is that Kookbox is really so official that you didn’t even know about it, yeah?  We’re so down on the mainland that we do shit with like fucking everybody’s All-American, Ralph Lauren, type Polo shit that knocks your little shit out of the frame, yeah?  Kookbox is fucking shit crazy out of control, yeah?  I bet you don’t know shit about it brah. 

Okay, know think of me like Knuckles (Clyde Smith) from off the Supreme Clientele Ghostface Killah album (again):  A-yo sonne this is Knuckles, nah mean?  A-yo sonne, I’m-ma just tell you that Kookbox is that crack, nah mean?  Shits is out of control at Kookbox, walking on water sonne, nah mean?  Cats is on some straight miracle shit.  We not fuckin’ playin’ around with your little bitch-asses, sonne, nah mean?  We on our Polo shits.  Paper ya’ know what I’m sayin’?!  We gonna make our stacks…  catch waves…  and make a better world for the children, nah mean?  And you know who this is.  This is Knuckles!  Now get the fuck out my face.

And fade…  Out!


Now think of what would happen if I were the commissioner of professional surfing. 

Imagine if Surfing Were Like an NBA-PGA Hybrid

Not long ago I was on Surfline drooling over what I’m not getting on a daily basis anymore –like my ex-girlfriend’s Facebook page, and I came across an article on Kelly Slater talking about what the sport of surfing needs.  Maybe it was ESPN?  (“I smoked the color TV.”)  The point of the reference is that I starting thinking to myself what I  would do to the sport of surfing if I  were the commissioner.  The first thing that I’d do is get some black people in it: Namely, myself.  Fuck the David Stern shit, I’d be a Commissioner/Player. How else am I supposed to win a tournament? And then I’d have to get a brother like Stephon Marbury in that joint, running the point.  I don’t know, someone would have to teach him how to surf or some shit.  Whatever:  it could happen because Stephon is an athlete.  I’m sure he’s going to be looking for work soon because I heard that the Celtics had already tried to shop him. 

Anyway, how do you build up a surplus of brothers when you’re starting out with pretty much close to none?  Kookbox, that’s how.  Stephon, if you are somewhere reading this please stop crying in front of your computer screen and buy a Kookbox surfboard.  (Click on the picture of Joel’s House of Kookbox, below.  Don’t worry, someone will teach you how to ride it.)  Get ready for your second career, ‘Starbury.’  We’re waiting for you, so seriously, have your people get in contact with our people so we can transform surfing.  Really, we’ll make it kind of like the Professional Golf Association so the sponsorship will be sick and people will actually want to follow the tour.  That’s right, Stephon.  I’m basically saying that there is more publicity out there for you in the world of surfing if you are willing to align yourself with Kookbox.  I won’t even get into the fact that surfing is an individual pursuit.  I know that you like to like to think of yourself as kind of a big deal.  What do you know about Tiger Woods type of fame?  Anyway, we’re way more spiritual and soulful than Tiger is, so you should feel right at home with us.

Kookbox Blog II: The Leader

July 28, 2009

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the fearless leader of Kookbox; the world renowned, world travelled, acclaimed surfer and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt, the one and only Joel Tudor.  There has been a lot of talk about competitive long boarding and what Joel had to say in a recent (July 20, 2009) Surfline interview regarding the future of the sport so check him out.  The man is a legend.

Joel’s House of Kookbox from Left to Right: Tube Bullet, Twin Pin, Mini Pig, The "88", Son of Sam, Mini Noserider, Uncle Bill, Golden Seven "0", Twin Fin Egg, and the Fish.

Also some of my friends in Japan have been inquiring as to where they can get Kookbox in Japan.  Search no further: 

That is all.

Kookbox Blog I: The Genesis

July 15, 2009

Kookbox Official

It’s going down. This is one case where I don’t have to generate the buzz –I’m just riding the wave, but in case you haven’t heard already, Kookbox is officially upon us.

Finally there is going to be surf company that focuses on the demographic and lifestyle where we do the majority of our living: namely cities. Surfing as an urban pursuit hasn’t really ever been explored by Big Corporate Board Conglomerates because they would rather sell you the fantasy that you have to own a beach house to be officially in the sport. Never mind that I grew up in a beach house because Kookbox knows you better than that. Kookbox is set out to change the elitism of accessibility of surfing starting with affordable, ride-able, works of art.

Just by sticking to the statistics, we know that today more people live in cities and urban communities than in the suburban counterparts. If the sport of surfing is going to grow, then it is going to have to drastically change the old paradigm of the market share. Fancy words aside, urban exposure is the key to success for the sport of surfing. Joel Tudor probably came to that realization many years ago which is why he decided to actually do something about it: enter the reality of Kookbox. Taking inspiration from the ever popular ancient martial arts scene, Kookbox is determined to introduce the beach culture to the mainstream in kick-ass fashion. This unique niche goes to great lengths to promote a healthier, more active, and environmentally conscious lifestyle starting with versatile individuals.

Let us not forget that Kookbox surfboards are the official brand of Joel Tudor, so the highest quality along with proven performance is the standard. (If you haven’t already read A Soul Surfer Savior for Jiu-Jitsu then you probably don’t have a clue about the disciplines our friend has  mastered in order to bring you the absolute freshest gear.) Being multitalented requires energy, efficiency, grace, and a whole lot of focus in today’s world and fortunately, Kookbox has the attitude of a legend. The style wears equally well at Cardiff beach, and at Santos’ in New York City. The unofficial theme of Kookbox might as well be “have good vibes and will travel,” because with official locations in New York City and San Diego, one gets a flair for the surf voyage. It’s probably only a matter of time until there is revelry in the Gas Light District and someone is overheard recounting a recent session in Montauk. Kookbox is for the people!

Maybe your ambitions are not made of stuff as stern as a world-traveled, tri-coastal*, surf magnate and a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt? Please believe me when I tell you that you can still join the party. Surfboard toting gangsters on the subway headed out to Far Rockaway, this one is for you! As a matter of fact, anyone that has a taste for the best of both worlds and recognizes that living in the city and going to the beach are not mutually exclusive probably already gets the point. (The diversity of experiences will eventually lead to an amplified conflux that can never be impeded or stopped when the right balance is achieved.) It is a good thing that the new generation is a little more inclusive when it comes to surf culture because Kookbox is already ahead of the curve –and I just made the next section.

If you want to get with the program stop paddling for a second and shoot an email to the official crew:

Kookbox US & International: Andrew

Kookbox Japan: Shige

Marketing and PR contact: Lou Niles (760) 579-3826

Check out the wares on the website. Order your Kookbox surfboard, today. I’m going to be blogging all about Kookbox, and the Kookbox crews, so keep checking back for updates on the internet’s world wide webbing. That’s right kids. You heard it hear first. The okey-doke was the old Kookbox blog spot. This blog is the only one that is Kookbox Official. Stick with me and I promise you blogs, pictures, articles, and video of one of the greatest surfers of all time spreading the vibe that is Kookbox love to a city near you…

Catch it!

*Don’t try this at home kids, but a tri-coastal official holds it down on the East coast, West coast, and Hawaii too!