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Birthday Bash

November 27, 2017
“Party people incorporated say, ‘K – K – Psi!'”

This could be described as a bait and switch.  Today is the actual birthday of Kappa Kappa Psi, National Honorary Band Fraternity, but we’re showing you a video of a toddler birthday party instead.  (Weird side note, a former Assistant Dean of Pledges at Howard University in that organization also shares a birthday with the fraternity so shout-outs to Gangster Psi, Ph.D reppin’ the Pershing Dough Boys and the D.)  We digress…

The Word on the street is that Samuel really loves music, and music flows through his life experience from his ancestors.  We don’t know if he will play the drums, organ, guitar, or tuba but he is bound to have an instrument choose him.  In the YouTube video above you can see him dancing in the short, public version.  (There is actually a much longer video with hilarious audio that we are only sending to the family -but you get the point.)  Samuel had a really great time on his birthday and he was excited to receive the gift of music.

[Featured image is from Samuel’s Aunt Carol Squire, family archives]

So Much for a Tranquil Summer

July 30, 2015

“You either build or you destroy, so what you waitin’ on?”  Jay Electronica from the Victory Mixtape

It is way too late to say this sort of thing is getting out of hand.  We are headed into a new phase now.  I’m labeling it as a purposeful revealing of intentions, of sorts.  The United States of America is finally willing to let the world see her for what she really is: an overtly racist nation. Thanks to the real racist powers that be in America that have managed to display an even more graphic disregard for non-white life we are seeing yet another eventful summer of institutional racist oppression involving an array of international media.

It is getting hard to keep up, but here are some of the recent headlines in the good old United (police) States of America.  (I have been meaning to tell you how it looks from way over here in a distant land but I already know that it looks the same wherever you are.)

  • On the night of June 17th a twenty-one-year-old apartheid sympathizer shot and killed state senator Clementa Pickney, Cythia Hurd, Susie Jackson, Ethel Lee Lance, Depayne Middleton, Tywanza Sanders, Daniel Simmons, Sharonda Coleman-Singleton, and Myra Thompson while attending a bible study with them at the historic Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina.  [Individual]
  • Two days later on June 19th Samuel Dubose was executed by a University of Cincinnati police officer after being unnecessarily detained for not displaying his front license plate in Ohio. [Group: police]
  • Sandra Bland, a member of the Movement for Black Lives, was pulled-over for her failure to signal a lane change on July 10th by a Texas state trooper in Waller County that quickly escalated into her arrest and she was found dead in her jail cell on July 13th.  [System: justice]
  • On July 14th Rexdale Henry, a Choctaw Native American activist, was also found dead in a jail cell under mysterious circumstances after being arrested for an unpaid fine and held over the weekend from July 9th in Neshoba County, Mississippi.  [System: justice]

With stuff like this happening all the time it is hard to tell if it is making writing careers or breaking them.  This writing business is beyond excruciatingly painful.  I was recently engaged in an intellectual, social media conversation about an article by Jonathan McWhorter that compared the strong antiracist sentiments of the Movement for Black Lives to a religion.  McWhorter basically extols that the good white people that are likely to be drawn into the very specific cause of Black Lives Matter in the United States of America will be ultimately shackled by guilt and result in some failed policy.  I argued amongst some of my white friends that McWhorter unwisely called out Ta-Nehisi Coates as a pied piper of sorts for white liberalism along with other points in the article that I found problematic.

The notion that people standing against racism are somehow infectiously following the most recent beautiful music of morality is serene but if that were the case Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King could have succeeded long ago.   Individuals, groups, and systems claim the lives of minorities in the United States with increasing clarity and at an alarming rate therefore the struggle against that phenomenon has refined itself.  The correct diagnosis of the sickness in America and the preponderance of evidence has led two separate white minorities to the realization that they might not have started the fire or put the kettle on the stove, but they would either like to completely avert or accelerate the seemingly inevitable boiling over.  Black lives indeed matter and the urgency implies that time is running out on anybody still mulling it over.  Most smart people can see this choice has to be made now, for deliberation is also making a clear statement.

The Movement for Black Lives that has propelled organizations like We Charge Genocide and writers like Coates appears to have just a little more self-determination rather than just relying solely on some white people, however.  This movement wasn’t quelled by the removal of some flag or defined by the people that have already lost their lives during the long and winding course but there have always been drum majors serving as prominent beacons keeping up with the times.  (I thank God every day for those willing to get out there and do the heavy lifting because I have a strong feeling that I know where all this is going.)  Black Lives Matter can exist totally beyond white validation and beyond the grasp of those attempting to stop it while still somehow, reaching those groups whether eloquently or crudely.  The real shining stars are the throngs of real patriots marching in step for the most basic of human rights in America: the right to live.  Ta-Nehisi Coates is deserving of his accolades, too –even if he is moving to France with his family in the pursuit of happiness.  Coates has a new book out dedicated to his son and he was compared to another expatriate, James Baldwin, who issued wise words about oppression to his nephew by literary great Toni Morrison, but you already know I’m going to let them tell it.

The PEA: The Earth & Her Rich Targets

March 28, 2015

DISCLAIMER: I am not an Admiral in the Peoples Earth Army. As far as I know, the organization isn’t real. Nothing to see here.

The Peoples Earth Army can’t be real, can it?  Disconnected radicals moving towards a common higher purpose doesn’t seem possible in the world today.  However the nature of the war dictated an invisible strategy.

Earth is the most profitable planet in the universe.  The product that the earth produces is life.  As far as we know, the earth is the only source of this invaluable (life) commodity and production is slipping.  The majority of people that ever lived have never had a hand in the destruction of the earth, but a few have had an extraordinary effect.

All life is immensely important when you consider how limited this commodity is against the vastness of the universe.  Most people that inhabit the earth today are poor and they don’t own anything of real appreciable value other than their own lives.  When the majority of people pass on from this world their measured impact on the earth is negligible –although we hate to admit it.

So the evidence points to a very small group of people that wield an enormous amount of clout and influence over the masses crossing multiple generations.  Someone must have said that there were only thirteen families in the world controlling 99% of the financial wealth in our relatively young fiduciary history.  Then another anonymous person pointed out that we are headed towards a global totalitarian society because this is the only way that the very few can control the majority of the resources on this planet.  Logical thinking reveals that these people cannot be trusted.

The unprecedented level of control sought by the very few will eventually be seen as the reason why all life has suffered on earth and become the impetus for an unapologetic world war.  Those rich targets shouldn’t be afforded any trials or declarations but the collective coalition of responsible people inhabiting earth instinctively knows that they have to be eliminated.  If the planet is going to survive, those few people having a direct hand in the destruction of earth have to die soon.

Next, the people that monetize life and profiteer from the earth’s resources need to be identified.  (They live in unusual comfort and pass-on their accumulations to their heirs.  Some have elaborate establishments that even bear their names.  Others have names that left indelible marks throughout history.)  All of them have a vested interest in the majority of people remaining oblivious to their scheming.

Some of these people are selling water.  They don’t want you to know that the water they are selling is yours.

They want to tell you about their business acumen and how they produced the container.

You might consider killing those people, too.

All Hail to the Noble

March 24, 2012

“Be without fear in the face of your enemies.  Be brave and upright that God may love thee.  Speak the truth always, even if it leads to your death.  Safeguard the helpless and do no wrong.  That is your oath.”  – from Kingdom of Heaven (2005)

Right now I am lost for a desert of certifications, people.  I don’t mean to say that I have a whole bunch of certifications, but rather I am in the process of obtaining them.  There are too many to name but they all have to do with building and construction, so you must understand that every measure of my brainpower is only going in that direction.


Unless your children are my God-children, or in another words we are related, I may not have the time to respond to you.  It isn’t that I don’t want to hear from you a little bit, but I really have to make time for what is most important.  Oh, I’ll be polite and all that good stuff but when I have pressing tasks best believe that they are getting done.  There has been a lot going on lately and even updating the blog is tough because it is real out here in these streets.

Shit has been going down –as they say.

Chunky or Die

September 1, 2011

Breakwater is Chunky

I have been in a quiet exile of my own choosing for quite some time now and I’m writing to you today from that secluded space in order to relate my thoughts to you. It is not my intention to give anything else away because I, quite frankly, can’t afford to anymore. It came to my attention a little over two years ago that what I was writing would probably be able to be used against me for a significant amount of time. I thought of trying to sensor myself and take it back, but truthfully there is no such thing in cyberspace.

I had a good run of solid posts and very little readership to console myself. I spent the last year or so reading other people’s confessionary blogs and I was even jealous of their popularity. It got me to ponder the double-edged sword of writing enough titillating blog features to increase the page hit counts and yet still be able to maintain an employable persona and the salary that comes with it.

Eventually the old blog petered out when I came back from Mexico. I was flush with new catch phrases that would never catch on and I had probably just ‘jumped the shark’ by showing my ass in Tulum. Really there was nothing left for me to do at that point. My usual topics all seemed boring: relationships, surfing, travel, flowers, culture, and the DeMatha Stags.

I had plenty of inspiration and I never stopped following my interests but I didn’t get the feeling that anybody cared to read about it anymore. Not much has changed since I got that feeling except for the fact that I realize now that the blog was more for me than it could ever be for a potential reader. The Chronicles of Six is my public record and without it, I have no tangible means of ridiculing myself.

So, I’m re-launching. Oh I’ll still write for the magazines that some of you have found me in and, travel permitting, I will still try and hold down my Stags. Although I must admit, I’m going to have to be a lot more cryptic this time around because I’m old and the good Lord knows that I shouldn’t be doing this sort of stuff.  The picture that Damien Baskette took is a reminder of such endeavors because the wave being surfed is Breakwater in Venice and if it is that chunky then you really don’t have much hope of surviving the close-out that will rapidly ensue.

I’m going to ride this blog for as many moments as it gives me and then I’m going to plow through the face and pray.

Check for me.

2009 Baseball World Series: Hideki Matsui Edition

November 5, 2009

I know that I mentioned him before not too long ago, but I wonder if you people out there have been following that Hideki Matsui helped the New York Yankees win their 27th World Series championship title last night over the Philadelphia Phillies. 

Last night, in New York, Hideki Matsui drove in six runs –including a homerun, en route to providing the majority of the offense as the designated hitter.  Matsui must have really been seeing the ball well last night, actually throughout the series, because he continued to be the steady force in the line-up while other Yankee stars struggled. I’m smiling inside because some things just make the world seem like it all makes sense.

His nickname is “Godzilla” but I don’t know if I’m willing to call him that without his approval. Hideki Matsui was named the Most Valuable Player on the New York Yankees’ championship baseball team during the entire series but he really came alive in game six.  He seemed to single-handedly beat Philadelphia even though he only started in three of those games. Nobody can argue with numbers: Matsui hit a blazing .615 batting average, and piled up 18 total bases during the series.

I’m giving a lot of props to Hideki because of the fact that he is on a baseball team with so many guys heading to the Hall of Fame: Derek Jeter, Andy Petit, Mariano Rivera, Jorge Posada and even Alex Rodriguez can all pretty much expect to be first ballot selections. Hideki already finished a Hall of Fame career in Japan before he even arrived here in April 2003 with the sole mission of helping the Yankees get back to winning the World Series. (The Yankees haven’t won since 2000, and the pressure was very real for this group of talented and expensive super stars to produce.) Matsui just made the whole thing worth it and may have earned a place in Cooperstown.

I’m going to be celebrating with pictures of Miss Japan Universe on this site even though Hideki is happily married.  I’m also going to be partying in New York City this weekend like you wouldn’t believe because baseball is sort of a really big deal there. There is definitely going to be tickertape parade on Broadway and I’ll be sure to take pictures to share with you on this site.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures of Miss Emiri Miyasaka, because I sure did.  Click on each one to blow it up because it really is worth it.  I’m going to actually have to revisit Miss Miyasaka a little later because I think that she deserves a feature on this web site too. Also, I just found a bunch of pictures of her wearing purple so you know it’s on.  Let’s recap: Japan is fresh, but I’m partying in New York City this weekend. Hideki Matsui just had the series of his life and cemented his legacy for the second time, in his second country. Someone cue the Frank Sinatra…

Lazy Sunday: Briana Loyd Bonus Edition

October 18, 2009

So the Giants lost.  It also looks like my fantasy football team, The Cooperators, aren’t doing too well of late.  I can’t say that I’m sad, though.  There is still a whole lot that is still going right with me in the world today.  At least the Stags are still winning.  I still got to see how USC kicked Notre Dame out of the top 25 in college football yesterday.  I can’t believe that it is already snowing in places like Boston and that the really super cold air isn’t very far behind.  I don’t think that autumn is going to be very long this year.  That means it is probably going to be a very, very cold winter.  I’m hooking you up with the bonus round of Briana Loyd in the hopes that it will keep your Sunday warm.

Rhythm Website

October 13, 2009

It is that time of year again for Howard University Homecoming and if you are looking for the official events, then you should check the website.

The official theme is “Rhythm” and there doesn’t appear to be a rap concert this year.  Anyway, it is still totally worth a click.  That is all.

Sitting Pretty

October 11, 2009


It’s a long weekend, ya’ll.  Beautiful days are out there and you should be out there enjoying them!  Spread the love a little…

Stags Update October 3, 2009

October 3, 2009

The DeMatha Stags have a fierce rivalry with Gonzaga College High School in every sport in which they play against each other.

Thursday the Purple Eagles gave DeMatha Catholic High School for Boys their first conference loss of the season, 1 – 0, in soccer.  DeMatha still remains in first place heading into the final stretch before the playoffs but it remains to be seen if they will claim the league championship.

Now my thinking heading into Friday was that DeMatha was bound to lose in something this Fall, because before last Saturday that hadn’t even happened yet.  Cory Puffett finally came in second to a kid from North Carolina in a cross country race that was run near Richmond, Virginia but considering the sport that is hardly a loss.

I still knew that there was nothing to worry about though.  Again, it has mainly to do with the fact that high school sports deals in the medium of teenagers, and they are prone to perturbations.  Nobody is perfect and the Stags are no different.  The offensive drought in soccer still didn’t have anything to do with the football team playing Gonzaga on Friday night.

DeMatha showed the Purple Eagles that their offense is clearly the tops in the WCAC.  DeMatha lit up the scoreboard for 48 points and Gonzaga could only muster 17 in their second straight loss in conference competition.  Maverick and Maven kept me company because they had a bye week from their respective pee-wee football team and cheerleading squad.  (Shout outs to the Takoma Park Rams.)  Everything was cool.

I don’t even want to begin to tell you what I would have been thinking if the Stags lost that game in front Maverick & Maven, but I would have had to put on a brave face.  Of course, The Long Ranger almost outscored Gonzaga all by himself with three touchdowns (18 points) and the game wasn’t ever really in doubt, but at least I recognize that the unthinkable could happen.  A lot of credit still has to be given to an offensive line (Shane Johnson) that is the biggest reason why DeMatha has put up an incredible amount of points on everybody this year.  Maven wasn’t really interested in the game but she did check out the cheerleaders’ moves.  She liked the flips.  I explained that our cheerleaders came from Elizabeth Seton, an all girls school. 

Maverick was all about the big plays and listened for the distinctive crowd “Oh’s” in order to determine when to pay attention.  I took him around to meet genius DeMatha Athletic Director, my former Social Studies teacher, Mr. Ed King.  Maverick wanted to know if he could run around the track area in the shadow of Fed Ex Field at Prince Georges Learning Complex and Mr. King said, “I’ll make you a deal: come and play for us and you can run on the field as much as you want!”

With seven touchdowns scored, there was no shortage of excitement in the game.  The defense wasn’t where I would have liked to have seen it, but Gonzaga quarterback Kevin Hogan played well enough, regardless.  Quick passing and deft scrambling kept the Stags’ defense on their toes all night and they weren’t able to manufacture big plays like sacks (Darian Cooper) and interceptions (Jeff Knox) until Gonzaga took big chances late in the game.

Blemishes in the football game included a Daniel Tapscott interception in the first half and a blocked extra point attempt (PAT) after Josh MacPhearson –yes, another one, took a punt return all the way back to the house in the fourth quarter.  (I know that Michael Branthover must have been mad about the blocking during the PAT, point after touchdown.)  Still everything is okay.  DeMatha is looking good on all fronts. 

I have to be happy about this.  It is already bad enough that I’m totally obsessed so no need to need to go totally loony for the Stags before basketball season even starts.

Besides, I need all of my good chi and kharma for the big game against Good Counsel in football October 9.

Go Stags!