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DeMatha Stags Basketball 2016-2017 Team Preview

December 10, 2016

The DeMatha Stags are looking like they are in fine shape for the 2016-2017 basketball season.  They were ranked #12 in the USA Today expert poll before they even played their first game on December 6 against Cardozo.  The win against the Clerks was a home opener blowout that showed the new talent that is on the horizon for the all-boys Catholic school in Maryland.

Darren Harvey is unquestionably the leader of this team.  Affectionately known as DJ, Harvey is headed to Notre Dame next year which has drawn comparisons to DeMatha great Adrian Dantley.  The two have similar styles, although Dantley put up more impressive numbers during his four years as a starter on the varsity.  If DJ Harvey can hover around 20 points per game this DeMatha team will find it easier to navigate a challenging schedule.  Seniors Josh Carlton and Ryan Allen are poised to provide stability at the center and point guard positions, respectively, and the emphasis on team basketball is obvious in their chemistry.

The trio must share the responsibility for putting up the points in order to remain competitive.  A stingy defense that relies on production from everybody is the foundation that DeMatha basketball has built upon successfully in the past.  You can follow most of the home games for the Stags on DMStagsTV (sign-up required) but also look for them on regular television.


Cardozo was the first to find out that DeMatha is a squad oriented for play inside the paint that is also long and deep in the front court.  Josh Carlton is going to have help at the center position during his first year as a starter because the Stags added Freshman Hunter Dickinson and Sophomore Jordan Wilmore.  The Cardozo Clerks found it difficult to score around the rim and only managed a measly six points in the second and third quarters on their way to 95 – 29 loss.  (Watch the full game in the DMStagsTV link above.) The stifling defense paved the way for other underclassmen like Sophomore Justin Moore to shine and the entire healthy roster got playing time in the game.

Head Coach Mike Jones is still on his quest to bring DeMatha their fortieth league title but he still recognizes that he has the balance to compete with anyone in the country.  With scheduled games against Joseph Wheeler (GA), Roselle Catholic (NJ), Bishop Gorman (NV), Greenforest (GA), and The Patrick School (NJ) the Stags’ ambitions are also focused on national achievement.  Alumni and fans would probably expect nothing less but there is something more to this team than meets the eye.  There is a tremendous upside to this basketball team because youth will inevitably be served with a 16-man roster almost evenly split between upperclassmen and underclassmen.

For the first time, in what seems like a long time, DeMatha basketball opponents aren’t focused on the current projected number one draft pick Markelle Fultz.  This team has a tremendous potential to grow together and the reshuffling of roles has created new opportunities for lesser known players.  Senior John McRae and Junior Devin Richmond are two such players that show some of the depth that DeMatha has amassed by maintaining a successful program at every level.  While the supernatural scoring ability of a star player will certainly be missed, there are others that are prepared to contribute.

DeMatha still has players on the junior varsity that would start on varsity at schools with less talent.  Eleanor Roosevelt high school fell to the Stags on December 8 to give DeMatha (2-0) their second win of the basketball season.  (Highlights from that win are from Capitol Hoops below.)  Even in a more evenly matched game DeMatha players that are invested in heeding the genius of Coach Jones just seem to fare better. [Bonus: watch Victor Oladipo double-pump smash on Dwight Howard courtesy of my new friend, Ximo Pierto.]  The best coach in the league country is known for getting the best out of his players as well as helping them reach their full potential.

Student-athletes that paid their dues will have the chance to earn their rewards with the Stags this year.  Senior guard Jhabari Humbert is looking for chance to end his DeMatha career on a high note and he may just get his wish.  The USA Today computer rankings have the Stags at #9 in the country and a national title isn’t unreasonable if the team goals that were set at the start of the season are met.  Juniors Justin Gielen and Xavier Mabry are both juniors fighting for respect by winning their first Washington Catholic Athletic Conference title.

DeMatha hasn’t won the championship in six years but the future looks bright for the Stags.  Sophomores Jamel Melvin, Bobby Carson and Carsten Kolgenik are expected to develop well this season.  Mark Fidelis and Paul Smith will also see time over the next few months of what is sure to be a season packed with action.  Coach Jones might have taken a cue from the nationally ranked football team this year and built a formidable team.  The DeMatha Stags basketball team will be tested early in the National Hoops Festival later today (December 10) as they open their national schedule at home with other elite Nike teams.

[Featured image from Associated Press / Gregory Payan]


DeMatha Legend Adrian Dantley Meets DJ Harvey

November 23, 2016

“The best thing I ever did was to go to this school.” – Adrian Dantley, on DeMatha

Watch the NBA video embedded in the link above.  Darren Harvey was the lucky young man that got to size himself up next to a Hall of Fame inductee.  The two not only have DeMatha in common, but also Notre Dame.  Darren “DJ” Harvey is the leader of the DeMatha Stags basketball team in 2017 and he committed to play for Notre Dame in the Fall.  I hope that this DeMatha legend sighting is a sign that bodes well for the team this year.

Follow me.  There is more basketball coverage to come and I can see more Marc Stern videos in your future.  Shout-outs to Capitol Hoops for the DJ Harvey recruiting video.

Check out the NBA career stats of Adrian Dantley in Basketball Reference here but please understand that he is an individual that exudes 100% class.  This is deeper than basketball but it should suffice to say that DeMatha and the University of Notre Dame have a long history.  Anyway, give your boy a plus one (+1) if you can.  Also feel free to share and like this article in order to show these DeMatha Stags some love.

Nicknames & Crazy Talk

January 8, 2012

The Cookie Monster

Svelte Anya 06DEC2011 Svelte The Cookie Monster Why? I call BeeJay Anya that now because, quite frankly, he’ll take your cookies.  Plus The Cookie Monster is gangster. 

Seriously try to put something up around the rim and see (click his name or the picture) what I’m talking about here. Despite his recently publicized weight loss the svelte BeeJay Anya has a knack for cleaning the opposing players’ plates. The Cookie Monster blocks the shots of those players foolhardy enough to serve up the round sweetness. 

Those same opposing players’ fans are what gave me the idea to give BeeJay Anya a nickname like I did for Marcus “The Long Ranger” Coker. Fans from other schools would chant “Shrek” whenever BeeJay touched the ball and I felt that it was a little derogatory. Even though Shrek is basically benign, if he isn’t seen as benevolent, but Shrek is a pussy green.

Anyway, DeMatha won the game against the Philadelphia team Neumann-Goretti in the Cancer Research Classic 62-47 and BeeJay “The Cookie Monster” Anya had 17 points, 7 rebounds, and 9 blocks. I’m giving The Cookie Monster credit for even more rebounds because Jairus Lyles didn’t do his part in creating opportunities as he was 7-8 from the field while hitting 3-4 from behind the arc for 17 points, as well.

Jerami Grant chipped in 14 points, 8 rebounds, and 4 steals. I could go on but give me something to write about tomorrow. Let’s stick to the nickname story and the Cancer Research Classic results. Paul VI fell down to St. Raymond of the Bronx earlier today 68-61 without the help of their leading scorer because he was late attending class and was penalized a game. Gonzaga won their game against Whitney Young of Chicago after trailing in the first half and let’s just say it was interesting.

The WCAC has two teams vying for a national title now and television announcers are getting a little crazy. Now Dave Telep (ESPN) is on record as saying that a certain player at a certain school other than DeMatha resembles DeMatha great and Basketball Hall of Fame honoree, Adrian Dantley.


Not even a little bit.

Stop playin’.

With Adrian Dantley on the floor DeMatha had a 57-2 record and won multiple titles.  The player in question has nothing to compare to that due to the fact that he is a junior and DeMatha has won the last three years…

Well, I think you know where I’m going with this. The bottom line is Dave Telep (Twitter) said some ol’ disrespectful crazy talk on ESPNU and I think that he owes Adrian Dantley and DeMatha an apology.  At least harass him about it.

Championship System: The Main Ingredient

January 5, 2012

AthletesSign_w350 I feel like I have written enough about the team to explore some of the players now…

Quick, guess the leading scorer for DeMatha through the first ten games of the 2011-2012 season?

If your answer wasn’t Marcellous Bell then you were wrong. Seriously on a team that features a balanced scoring attack I think that it is really saying something because unlike last year he isn’t even starting every game. That’s right, Marcellous Bell’s playing time has diminished this year and his production has gone up.

I don’t know if it is because he switched his number from #11 to #1 or what, but the senior has been torching opponents with his deadly shooting this season. Marcellous is the prototypical DeMatha guard able to adapt his play even if that means accommodating younger guards trying to learn the system or sharing the system with peers. This DeMatha team boasts its five top players hovering around 10 points per game in one of the most balanced scoring attacks in ages.  In a complete program like DeMatha kids like Marcellous Bell are essential to the continued success.

Marcellous Bell has had a share in that success as a three year varsity player at DeMatha that has already committed to attend Binghamton University next year. (Yeah, that’s him in the middle between Jerami Grant who signed with Syracuse and James Robinson who is going to University of Pittsburgh.) Right now he is averaging just over 13 points per game and his senior leadership and confidence has a profound effect in the locker room.

James Brown Harvard For every James Brown, Adrian Dantley, Danny Ferry and their likes there are countless players that play their roles to perfection and achieve team accolades that does more to advance the DeMatha name. Looking at the history of the school there really aren’t that many tremendously talented players –the types that come along only once a generation, that have graced the DeMatha hallways. Kobe and LeBron didn’t go there, but rather DeMatha has relied on coachable players like Bell who overachieve.

In the Soulja Boy era, players willing to “buy in” to the system are hard to come by let alone kids that respond positively in that sort of competitive environment.  As DeMatha has demonstrated in the past, it isn’t the place for everybody and certainly not just kids looking for a quick pay day because they might excel on the hardwood or gridiron.  God and family are still the top priorities for DeMatha kids in a tradition that was passed from Morgan Wootten to other former system players turned current DeMatha Head Coaches Elijah Brooks and Mike Jones, football and basketball respectively.

DeMatha Catholic High School for Boys is a special place.  To the best of my knowledge there is only one high school in America that has produced 5 captains of the Harvard University basketball team.  (James Brown ’69, Bob Ferry ’81, Pat Smith ’82, Mike Gielen ’85, and Tim Hill ’95 –in case you were wondering.)  Smart, team basketball is a recipe for longevity when there have been many flashes in the pan and kids like Marcellous Bell are the main ingredient.