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What’s Good Stretch & Bobbito Free Humanities Course On NPR

September 8, 2017

Counting Down To Howard HomecomingJust in case you missed it or haven’t been paying attention, Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito Garcia have a show on National Public Radio called What’s Good and it is fire.  Click the link!

  • I am requiring the entire run in my new Humanities Course for 6 Soul Credits.  (For the Free)
  • If you comment about the podcasts here then you get extra credit and your grade.
  • Extra points if you find me in Spain and can talk intelligently about any of this in English.

Obviously, this free course is in no way affiliated with any real Universty and the credits won’t transfer but come and take this trip with me.  My students know who they are.  Let me introduce you to two of my friends from New York.

Trust me on this.  I will get back with you at a later date.



Upcoming Events: Vendimia 2016

August 2, 2016

Click on the Google Calendar link above to add my event to your calendar if you happen to be in the area of Andalusia this coming September.  I have been spending so much time talking about Jerez de la Frontera, Spain that I haven’t had the chance to properly invite you.

IMG_20160629_124236I know that it is a bit of short notice but this is one of the last events of the official 2016 calendar of events for the City of Jerez.  Vendimia is the grape harvest festival and generally folks make a pretty big deal about it here in Spain according to the board of tourism for Andalucia.  The most important Vendimia festival in Spain is right here in Jerez so if you want to meet me directly after the Blessing of the Grapes, then we can can watch the Stomping of the Grapes together.

It should go without saying that we are going to be sipping on something and only those legally allowed to drink can imbibe.  Anyway it will be a really good time.


I’ve Had Enough of Your Photo Crap, Mom Super Bowl Sunday Edition

February 1, 2015

I chose this video to represent Super Bowl Sunday because it cuts off at a point where my momma has had enough of my taking pictures all the time.  Like Momma can just give a look that can end a film.

Dad liked to take a lot of pictures of all three of his kids and I guess I got the bug from him.  Mom would always be complaining because he was never in any of the pictures that he took.  I solved the problem by being hip to the technology game and going with the flow whenever I can.  I also try to sprinkle myself in a bit so that my son will be able to see me in these shots, too.

I’m vain like that.  Also, really lazy.  Google+ basically does all the work for you and YouTube handles the rest.  Anyway that is a free parenting and photography tip in there for your Super Bowl Sunday.