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Christmas Season Jerez 2016

December 7, 2016

Also, you might want to head to Europe to see Black Jesus because the USA doesn’t have any.  Just the other day the jury responsible for determining the guilt of Walter Scott‘s killer was deadlocked in a mistrial.  Apparently, Black Jesus isn’t going to save anybody in South Carolina any time soon and there is still no semblance of justice.  Click on the link for Exhibit A.  I get the feeling that there are going to be a lot more martyrs for the Black Lives Matter movement to proselytize.

Enjoy my family video to help take your mind away from all the madness.  There will be no Christmas cards this year because we are terrifically poor, but at least they aren’t filming Black death on the streets and allowing the murderer to go free.  Check out an article here in ColorLines by Kenya Rankin about the mistrial of Michael Slager. Yeah, so then there’s that.  Merry Christmas everyone.


Black Out African-European-American Family Edition

March 6, 2015

Oh Tumblr is talking about it so it must be true.  I must admit that I have loved seeing all of the beautiful black people so far.   DC schools and offices are closed because of snow.  It is Friday.  I don’t have a job.  I ain’t got shit else to do.  So Black Out with me and my son -and then again with a musical interlude by D’Angelo because it is great music with a message.

Samuel & Daddy Black Out

My son and I like to play in the mornings. It’s our special hold it down time.

You already know that life can be a charade, right?  We wear the mask and we’re invisible and all that right?  Add “you feel it at the end of the day,” to the lexicon.  Well check out these happy actors, too.

Anyway, thanks for coming out.  I’m going to get with you at a later date.