Classic Friendship Pitch I







I’ve been called worse.

I’ve never been arrested. Heck, I usually don’t get traffic tickets. I obey the laws of the land, and when I don’t -I try not to ever get caught. I’m a good citizen, despite the fact that this country, and society, typically treats a black man with substandard regard.  I lost the chip on my shoulder about all that after traveling and seeing first hand that those people are in the vast minority, if one were to consider the whole entire world.

Still, I’m down with political discussions but prefer making it happen through (affirmative) action. I’m a dreamer but only because I’m an idealist. I’m conservative only because I’m practical, and yet, still tolerant of others. Hey, I’ve got a job I love and I don’t live with anybody. Also I won’t ask you to sin on my behalf because I’m not married (never been) or separated.  Woohoo! Yippee. Welcome to the world of normal people that are not all the same.

I’m tired of being ignored, discounted, or prematurely disqualified. I mean that’s just ridiculous because it’s 2006, already. I try to respect people’s preferences by not confronting people that are borderline racist but it is a little perturbing when people are over-the-top xenophobes when it comes to picking FRIENDS.

Sorry to break it to you this way. All people are not the same and the world is a better place for it.

Relax, catch your breath. Let’s be friends. I want to hear from women that think that good men and friends don’t exist in my shade. They do. Also any men that are in the brotherhood and know enough to decipher my initials that have sound advice: hail me.  Consider this a test, but don’t sweat it, you can figure out where this is going if you know where you’re from.


PS  I can fill and unforgiving minute with sixty seconds of distance run.


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