Super Stag Hype: The Long Ranger Edition

You can say it is too early to tell all you want to, folks.  Marcus Coker has certainly earned his right to preen a little because as Summer has turned to Autumn the velvet on his antlers is ready to be rubbed off, and the Stag is readying for even tougher times ahead.  If his season ended today, he would have more yards and touchdowns then the majority of kids playing high school football.  1200 plus yards and 17 touchdowns later he is having a monster season and the Stags are playing every game from here on out with National consequences and increasingly higher stakes.

We have played and won six games in a row already, and the Stags have six games left to go potentially. (Extrapolate The Long Ranger’s numbers and do the math.) Are you done yet? Good, then now you can see that Marcus Coker could be the best running back to ever come out of DeMatha Catholic High School for Boys. Marcus Coker could be the best running back to ever come out of the Washington metropolitan area. Marcus Coker is already being considered as being one of the leaders (#1, actually) of players having the best season for any high school football team in the country, right now. Yeah, that’s real talk right there.

Needless to say, if the Stags keep winning and The Long Ranger keeps scoring touchdowns and racking up gaudy yardage numbers then no one will be able to debate much of anything. It really isn’t even much of a debate right now, but I’m still humoring kids on sports websites because they have no idea when history is being made. Wake up and peep game, little ones.  I hate to bash you over the head with the Super Stag hype, but it isn’t like I’m the only one on board this train. People from all around are starting to realize that there is big brewing in Hyattsville.


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