About The Chronicles of Six

Nothing on this site can be taken seriously. This is an attempt at creative writing. I do not do drugs and there are no real drugs on this site. Any references to doing massive amounts of drugs is purely fictional and totally for the purpose of creative writing.

I share a fondness for the following quote, “Up, men! Up, Virginians! Hold your fire until they are within fifty yards, and then give them the bayonet! And when you charge, yell like furies!”

One Response to “About The Chronicles of Six”

  1. S Smith Says:

    There is an error in the article ‘National Focus on WCAC Football in Final Weeks of 2016 Season’ it should have stated Terrance Davis has started 3 games (he also started the Indiana game he now has 4 starts) not Tino Ellis. Tino Ellis has only started 1 game

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